Import WIP

Step 7: Create jobs

If you have opening WIP balances, then you can import a job cost file to upload your opening WIP. If you prefer detailed timesheets in your jobs, then skip this tutorial and enter timesheets manually, as this cannot currently be imported.


Key Learning Points



  • WIP balances can be imported into jobs using the Job Costs import routine.
  • If a WIP Lock Date applies, then costs prior to this date will not be imported.
  • It is not possible to re-import a file of job costs to update existing costs. If you re-import a file, you will create duplicate cost items in your jobs.

Tips & Tricks

  • Invoice out as much WIP as you can in your current system, before importing WIP balances.
  • Make sure you have not set a WIP Lock Date that will prevent jobs costs from being imported.
  • Set the balance date to the day you stopped entering time sheets in your current system.

What should I do now?

  • Set a cut off date, prior to which no more WIP is to be added to your current jobs.
  • Create an import file and include the same job numbers that you used when you imported your jobs.
  • Import the CSV file.
  • Check your imported balances.
  • Continue to record time sheets on paper, if required, and then enter backdated time sheets once the system goes live.
  • Proceed to the next tutorial: Create recurring jobs.

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