Add clients manually

Step 5: Set up clients

In Practice Manager, you can store a large amount of information about your clients. You can decide how much information and what level of extra detail you want to capture. The amount of information you record will depend on how you plan to manage your clients, jobs, invoices and tax returns.

Key Learning Points

  • The "Individual" business structure allows you to enter first, last and middle names for individual clients.
  • Client types allow you to classify clients according to payment terms and cost markups.
  • The client partner and manager will automatically become the job partner and manager when you create jobs.
  • The billing details allow you to nominate a separate billing entity for a client.
  • Custom task rates allow you to override the default chargeout rates, for example when you have special agreements or discounts set up for clients.
  • The relationships available in a client record are determined by the client’s business structure.

Tips & Tricks

  • Create client groups in the Client Manager before you add clients.
  • Use the address quick find feature to speed up the process of entering address details.
  • Enter an export code to integrate Practice Manager with external systems, for example a CRM system.

What should I do now?

  • If you only have a handful of clients that you want to add to your database, then add them now.
  • If you have a larger number of clients, then proceed to the next tutorial Import clients, to learn about importing client records instead.

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