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Security rules: top tips you wish you'd known - with Paul Macpherson, Head of Security at Xero

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Learning objectives

Think cyber crime is something that happens to other people, and that you’re too savvy to get caught? Think again. Nearly 50% of attacks are targeting small businesses directly and this number is growing. Knowing how to spot a scam is essential to not becoming a victim, and all staff in every business should receive some level of awareness training. Email is the primary channel used by hackers to scam you or deliver malicious software into your business, so everyone should know how to spot a malicious email. See how simple it can be to improve the protection of all the accounts you use for online services, by using strong, unique passwords, and enabling 2FA/MFA/2SA if available. And if you do become a victim? We’ll show you what to do and where to go for help.

Course outline

    • How to spot common security scams
    • How to improve your online security
    • How to get help if you become a victim of cyber crime

Topics covered

  • My Xero

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