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How to increase your service offering by leveraging Xero HQ and partnering with a Cloud Integrator

Live webinar



Learning objectives

In this interactive discussion you’ll learn how to leverage the data within Xero HQ to identify opportunities for your clients. You’ll then meet one of Australia’s leading cloud integrators who will walk you through how a Cloud Integrator can assist with offering integrated cloud services for your clients.

Course outline

    • How to identify opportunities in the Explorer tab in Xero HQ
    • What is a Cloud Integrator and how do they assist accounting and bookkeeping practices
    • What you need to know when engaging with a Cloud Integrator
    • The range of services which Cloud Integrators offer
    • The different specialisations that Cloud Integrators have
    • Who to contact when a client is seeking an integrated app solution

Topics covered

  • Xero HQ
  • Growth
  • Apps
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