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Accelerate your advisor recertification

Self-paced learning
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20 Advisor credits


Learning objectives

This course will not get you Xero advisor certified. This course is for partners that are currently certified and are looking to get Xero advisor recertified in Xero.
You need to collect 20 advisor certification credits for ongoing advisor certification in the 12 months leading up to your expiry date.
Preferably you earn these credits by taking self-paced learning courses, classroom courses, or webinars throughout the 12 months. However, if your Xero advisor certification is due for renewal soon you can complete the Accelerate your advisor recertification course to gain your 20 advisor certification credits in one go.

You will receive 20 advisor certification credits after successfully answering all five questions for at least two (out of the four available) modules of your choice! If you haven't been able to answer all five questions in a module correctly we suggest you go through the content of the module again, reset the questions and give it another go. Or alternatively, you can pick a different module and answer all five questions successfully for that module. Good luck!!!

Course outline

    You’ll learn how to:
    • Onboard and convert your clients to Xero
    • Best automate your practice business workflow
    • Add value to your clients' reporting
    • Streamline the GST processes with Xero tools

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