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Xero Now: October 2017

Self-paced learning
Launch course

3 Advisor credits



Learning objectives

In this month’s episode, we chat to Andrew Van De Beek from Illumin8 partners on their recent practice rebranding, as well as hear about some great tips for updating your advisor directory listing.
We’ll also chat to you about some places that you can learn more about the app integrations into Xero HQ, and how these can help automate your practice. And as usual, we’ll give you a quick product update.

Course outline

    We’ll hear from:
    • Andrew Van De Beek, Illumin8
    • Nicki Curtis, Product, Xero
    • Renee Kristensen, Education, Xero
    • Laura Wilson, Education, Xero

Topics covered

  • Growth
  • My Xero

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