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Bulk running of Uncoded Statement Lines report

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Learning objectives

At Xero we know that everyone is unique and uses software differently. Not all clients have access to the internet and some clients have limited computer skills. It’s important to be able to collaborate with clients outside of Xero. This raises the need to produce the Uncoded Statement Lines report across a selection of Xero organisations in bulk as this will allow for a great level of efficiency. This removes the need for any productive staff to get involved in the process until the reports are returned and saves time.

Course outline

    In this course you’ll learn:
    • What an Uncoded Statement Lines report is
    • What and when the Uncoded Statement Lines report is used for
    • Who can run the Uncoded Statement Lines report
    • How to run multiple Uncoded Statement Lines reports for a group of clients at the same time

Topics covered

  • Bank
  • Reporting

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