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Xero Advisor Fast Track Certification (AU)

Self-paced learning
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40 Advisor credits



Learning objectives

Do you need to get Certified for the first time, but feel you have a good level of knowledge with Xero already? You can complete your initial Xero Certification quicker by successfully passing this Xero Partner Fast Track Certification.

To successfully complete the test, you will need to get a score of 80%, that's 24 questions answered correctly out of 30. You have one opportunity to pass. If you're unsuccessful, you will need to complete the self paced course or attend the live sessions.

NOTE: If you are not a Xero Partner, you will not have access to this course. To register to be a Xero Partner, please go to our Partner sign up page. This course relates to initial Certification only (not Recertification).

Course outline

    All the topics covered in this course are from the certification core and elective courses.

Pre-course preparations

Please ensure that you have Partner Edition access prior to registering to this course.

Topics covered

  • Reporting
  • Conversion
  • My Xero

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