Converting to Xero Cashbook FAQs

What is Xero Cashbook?

Xero Cashbook is a plan offering a streamlined version of Xero’s online accounting software. It includes bank reconciliation, budgeting and fixed asset management, with GST as an option. Learn more.

How do I make the switch?

Just complete the form below and we’ll be in touch. Choose Automated conversion if you want us to convert your BankLink data for you. Choose Self service if you plan to do the conversion yourself but would like to get some advice first.

What happens after I register for the conversion service?

We’ll respond in 24 to 48 hours – your Xero account manager or a Xero partner consultant will be in contact to talk you through the process.

How long does conversion take?

Generally the process is completed within two weeks of the initial request. We’ll discuss the process and length of time to complete the conversion with you at the outset.

What data comes across from BankLink?

The chart of accounts comes across, and transaction history for up to seven financial years can be brought into Xero. You can choose whether to convert historical data or start from scratch with opening balances.

What will you need from me?

We just need your BankLink backup file (.BK5) and your practice email address to send the file back to.

Do I need set up a Xero subscription before the conversion?

No, we’ll create a Xero organisation and login for you, and help get bank feeds up and running.

What’s the cost per bank feed transaction?

There are no transaction charges. You only pay one monthly amount for a Xero subscription which includes unlimited bank account transactions.

Will uncoded transactions in the BankLink file convert into Xero?

Yes if they’re in the current financial year. But prior period uncoded transactions won’t convert, so make sure all transactions in previous financial years are coded before conversion.

What Xero product are BankLink files be converted to?

We convert to Xero Starter edition, but you can change the subscription type to Xero Cashbook or another plan once the conversion is completed.

Will the conversion include report code mapping for Xero report templates?

No, you’ll need to map report codes after the conversion. Please ask the partner consulting team for any advice you need.