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Commuting is a drag for business people. Sitting and waiting just isn’t productive. But it can be. Get free business advice from top entrepreneurs while you wait and you’ll never look at traffic the same way again.

Put your downtime to work

Downtime is a fact of life and the mental break can be a good thing. But sometimes you get stuck doing nothing when your mind’s ready to work. Maybe it’s during your commute. Or perhaps it’s while doing menial tasks.

Why not use that time to get tips on ecommerce, filing taxes, how to do market research, launching a crowdfunding campaign, or even gaming the lottery? Your smartphone can connect you with free business advice on hundreds of topics.

Listen and learn

Podcasts took their name from the iPod so they’ve been around for a while, yet only about a third of us have ever listened to one (and half of us aren’t really sure what they are).

They’re short radio-style shows that you can listen to on demand, on your smart device. Always educational and often funny, there are dozens of excellent podcasts on business, finance, marketing, technology and more.

Five business podcasts you should be listening to

There are probably podcasts focused on your industry – but why not start with these popular shows? Start making the most of the free business advice.

  1. Planet Money

    Get the economy explained to you in a way that’s entertaining and easy to understand. Planet Money’s down-to-earth hosts will tell you about offshore banking one week and explain how gyms make their money the next. Scan their library of 700 shows to find topics that interest you.

    Episodes to try:

  2. Online marketing made easy – with Amy Porterfield 
    Selling online is the dream. There’s no shop, no sales staff, and you’re open 24 hours a day. But how do you get noticed in a crowded digital marketplace? Amy Porterfield offers ideas, insights and practical tips.

    Episodes to try:

  3. So Money – with Farnoosh Torabi
    Financial journalist, Farnoosh Torabi asks top entrepreneurs about their wealth-building habits and their lives outside business. It’s a podcast about money and life.

    Episodes to try:

  4. The Fizzle Show
    Get your free business advice with a dose of humour. The Fizzle Show unearths practical tips for people who want to start a business doing ‘matterful things’.

    Episodes to try:

  5. The Tim Ferriss Show
    The charismatic Tim Ferriss speaks with industry leaders, entrepreneurs and celebrities. The result is a sometimes quirky mix of free business advice and life tips.

    Episodes to try:

A dose of inspiration

If you’re looking for inspiration in your business life, check out our podcast, Xero In. We talk with Australian small business owners about the ups and downs of their entrepreneurial journey. Hear about their successes and their failures along the way. It’s free business advice with soul.

Episodes to try:

A modern – and free – alternative to magazine subscriptions

If you like these podcasts – or find your own – you can subscribe for free. Future episodes will download automatically to your device of choice.

  • iPhones and iPads have a built-in podcast app that makes it easy to find shows. You can also search iTunes for new podcasts to follow.
  • Android users can quickly download podcast apps like Doggcatcher, Podcast Addict or Stitcher to search shows and organise favourites.
  • Desktop users can listen to most podcasts on Soundcloud or iTunes. Many podcasts also have their own website where you can stream the shows.

Studies show that podcast listeners are more educated, more tech-savvy and more wealthy. Which just goes to show, it’s a smart way to use your downtime. Give it a go. Download some free business advice and see what you learn.