Single Touch Payroll now in demo org

What you need to know.

Note - The demo company does not open up a live API with the ATO.

Pre Demo

Log into Xero and ensure you are in HQ

Go to ‘Practice’ then scroll down & on the right you will see the ‘Demo company’

Ensure you are using the ‘business edition’. Click ‘Reset the Company’, and  ‘Go to Demo Company’

More on the demo company can be found below:



Opt in

Click on ‘Payroll’ > ‘Pay employees’

You will now see ‘Single Touch Payroll Settings’, and an ‘STP Filing’ column added to the pay run screen  (including one draft pay run)

Click on ‘Single Touch Payroll Settings’

Remember to demonstrate and discuss the opt in process  with your clients (calling the ATO etc) then click continue and done



Posting a payrun

Click anywhere on the draft fortnightly pay run, then click 'Post Pay Run', 'Yes' and 'File'

Select the checkbox agreeing that you have read and accept the authorisation to file

The status will show as 'Pending' ( note - this will not change on this screen)

Via the top menu click back through 'Payroll' > 'Pay employees'

The pay run should now show as 'filed'



Click on 'Payroll'>'Pay employees'

Click 'End of year reports'>'STP finalisation'

Select the checkbox to the left of 'employees' ( selecting all)

Click 'Finalise and submit to the ATO'

Select the checkbox saying you have read and accepted the authorisation to file

Click 'Finalise and submit to the ATO'

Point out the padlocks

Note - this status will not move from 'Processing'


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