You no longer have to go to extremes to get paid

Macquarie Bank’s BPAY® with DEFT makes it easy for your customers to pay you with BPAY, to get your online payments flowing and help you see your money sooner.

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Serve up an irresistible solution

Easy online invoicing

Send customised online invoices straight from Xero and set up automatic payment reminders to prompt your customers.

More payment options

Give your customers the option to pay through their online banking platform using the BPAY details on your invoice.

Less time chasing money

A beautiful payment integration means payments are automatically matched to invoices, making reconciliation easy.

Make invoice payments smooth

Customers can pay your invoice with just a few clicks, making the process faster and more efficient for both of you.


Watch your cash position rise

When a customer pays an invoice using the BPAY option, Xero automatically separates out your BPAY fee making it even easier for you. Add that to fast and easy reconciliation, and you’ve got a full view of what’s happening.


Choose a trusted favourite

BPAY is a well-known and trusted Australian brand, giving both you and your customers the peace of mind that the payments are secure.


Getting started is easy

New to BPAY with DEFT?

To accept payments through BPAY you just need BPAY with DEFT and a Macquarie bank account via the Xero app marketplace.

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