Modern practice:Cloud Accounting

Get your practice humming by having all of your software connected in the cloud. No need for servers or expensive IT infrastructure.

As accountants we have lots of
documents… the logical choice
for us is to store them in the cloud.
James Solomons

Cloud tools for your practice

Best of breed business solutions for the day-to-day 
running of your practice. Anywhere, anytime.

Document management

Store and manage documents related to clients and jobs.
Have all the info you need to work on a job available in one place.

Office and email

Document creation, calendar management, email, instant
messaging – keep using the office and email tools you know and love.

Content templates

Client data flows through from Practice Studio into content templates online. Create beautifully designed content in a fraction of the time.

Modern Practice directory

Practice Studio provides you with the core tools to get the job done. 
Here’s everything else you need to run your entire business in the cloud.

Partner with us

Partnering with Xero lets your clients get the most from your expertise and experience. 
Together, we can make small business better.

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