Graduate security analysts

Graduate security analysts monitor, detect and respond to events impacting the security of Xero and its customers.

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The role

You’ll work in collaboration with other Xeros, focusing on learning about our products and developing your skills to help create and deliver beautiful software to our customers, faster.

As a graduate security analyst, you’ll work with internal Xero teams and third-party security service providers to monitor, detect and respond to events impacting the security of Xero and its customers.

You will learn from your team, asking questions, and learning how to work with complex technical systems. You’ll learn how to make data-driven decisions that will release value early to solve Xero customers' problems more effectively.

A graduate security analyst sits at their desk with an open laptop familiarising themself with Xero’s security framework.

What our security analysts do

Security analysts focus on the less code-heavy aspects of cyber security. The role values people with a keen eye for detail who are naturally inquisitive, and are driven to uphold the safety of our customer data. The role covers a range of duties including:

  • assessing Xero’s security risks
  • helping Xero pass security audits
  • assisting in security education campaigns
  • monitoring Xero for cyber attacks
  • helping respond to security incidents by defending Xero when attacks occur

What we’d like to see from you

Ideally you’ll:

  • have a passion for and express interest in the security and privacy of our customers
  • love problem-solving, thinking on your feet, helping other people, and taking the initiative
  • enjoy investigating why things work, not just how they work
  • enjoy building solutions for other Xeros, removing pain points and making their lives easier
  • diving deep and analysing root causes of issues and potential vulnerabilities

If this sounds like you, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Applications open on 10 July 2023 - 4 August 2023.

Graduate security analyst: Melbourne

Grad and intern program application process

Applicants for the grad program must have fewer than 12 months professional working experience in relevant industries, either have the right to work full-time in Australia or will be eligible to work full-time after graduating, and be able to start full-time in February 2024. You will also need to send your CV but only so we can use it to verify your eligibility. If you’re applying for an internship, you must be in your penultimate year of study in your chosen field and be available for full-time work from November 2023 through to February 2024.

You’ll be invited to complete behavioural cognitive and, for some roles, technical assessments. For roles in the technical program (except for IT support grads), you’ll need to complete a HackerRank test, which you can practise beforehand, as it helps us understand what level and range of skills you currently have. For the design program, there’s a multiple-choice skills test to help us understand your level of technical knowledge.

Practise the HackerRank test

Next, you’ll be invited to pre-record a video interview for our team. If your video interview is successful, you’ll be invited to attend a grad day. We’ll review all applications before making a decision, so you can expect to hear from us by early September.

The grad day is a half-day virtual event where you’ll be assessed across different activities. You’ll also have an opportunity to learn more about Xero and the grad program. These days will be held at the end of September 2023

Questions? Send us a message!

Keen to understand the program in more detail? Or have questions about the application process? Send us an email at '' and we'll get back to you to run through anything you need once applications open mid-July 2023