Be payday filing ready by April 1st

Xero payroll complies with Inland Revenue’s new payday filing requirements, and will file employment information automatically for any pay runs – including payments made to employees and contractors  – from 1 April 2019.

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Are you payday filing ready?

Xero worked closely with Inland Revenue to design a simple payday filing and reporting solution we think employers will love.

Payday Filing Folder
When can I payday file in Xero?

To set up payday filing, make a simple one-off connection from inside Xero to the Inland Revenue from the week commencing 18 March 2019.

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Easy payroll and payday filing
How does Xero payday filing work?

Once set up and the connection established, payday filing will happen automatically each time you complete a pay run in Xero Payroll.

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Are you payday filing ready?

Download our handy checklist to find out more about what payday filing is and how you can prepare your business.

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Payday filing is coming

Payday filings a compulsory new way of reporting employment information. Each time staff are paid, you'll need to file employee information to Inland Revenue within two days.

This means you’ll file more information, more frequently and if your annual PAYE and ESCT deductions are $50,000 or more, you’ll need to do it online

By 1 April 2019, Xero will seamlessly integrate with Inland Revenue so payday filing is done automatically with each pay run.


Payday filing FAQs

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