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Reduce your admin

PDF: Top tips to save you time

Check out our top time-saving tips and you could save anywhere from 5 seconds up to 2 hours a day. Imagine everything you could achieve with all that extra time. 

Take back time

Spend minutes to save you hours

Reconcile statement lines in bulk
Use cash coding in Xero to reconcile statement lines in bulk using cash coding.

Pay multiple bills
Use batch payments to bundle multiple bills into one payment transaction and create a payment file. 

More tips and shortcuts
Check out some of our handy keyboard and date shortcuts or the inbuilt calculator to save time in Xero.

Gaining insights

GUIDE: What business reporting can tell you

Learn how you can turn your data into valuable information. Reporting can help you identify problems, find opportunities and adapt to market conditions.

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Stay compliant

Lodge activity statements with Xero
Connect your organisation to the ATO and lodge your activity statements directly from Xero.

Reconcile your bank account
Review imported bank statement lines and match them to transactions in Xero to make sure your accounting records are up to date.

Manage customer interactions

GUIDE: The invoicing survival guide

Getting paid quickly should be easier than it sometimes is. Read how to create an efficient and easy invoicing process to survive and thrive.

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Check out more resources

Email PDFs to your Xero organisation
Automatically generate a draft bill in Xero when you email your PDF bill to your Xero organisation.

Approve and send a customer invoice
Everything you need to know for approving and sending an invoice using either new or classic invoicing.

Add or edit a repeating invoice template
Streamline your invoicing process by adding a repeating invoice template for invoices you create and send regularly.

Managing payroll for employees

GUIDE: Run payroll for your employees

Getting payroll right is essential. Take a read through our guide and make sure you're covering all the key steps for processing payroll.

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One stop shop for payroll

Set up your organisation with payroll
We'll show you how set up payroll in Xero, including annual salary, employment status and your company logo on payslips.

Process a pay run and pay employees
Learn all you need to for recording and paying a scheduled pay run.

Correct a mistake in a pay run
Made a mistake? It happens! Check out our steps on how to fix this, even if you've paid your employees already or not.


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