Practice tools are forging the future

Roadshow In Review #2

It’s one thing to know that there are useful practice tools at your disposal as a partner, but it’s quite another to grasp some of the very real ways they can transform your business.

Thanks to a product-specific session that walked partners through Xero HQ and some of its powerful features – including the explorer, the activity feed and advisor directory – this year’s roadshow helped visitors understand some of the practical new ways that real-time information is being packaged up for bookkeepers and accountants.

The new tools, which let practices surface their data like never before, give advisors the ability to see client trends, make timely business decisions, analyse their speciality services and better market their firms to a wider audience.  

Small businesses are 23 percent more profitable when they connect with an advisor, and 92 percent of Xero customers are connected with an advisor on Xero.

As with most great technology, much of what you get back depends on what you put in. Our data showed that when you take the time to fill out your advisor directory profile, for example, you will convert more targeted leads into clients than when you leave it empty. And when you make time to explore your data for insights, the explorer function comes into its own.  

As the roadshow unfolded, it was clear this wave of partner tech is just the beginning – and new technological investments, such as fixed assets tax depreciation and pooling, are flowing through to partners in the run-up to tax season.

But for now, the biggest lesson is clear. Practice tools are changing – and they’re changing businesses. So make some time to make them work for you.  

Digital tools that get back to business

What are the most effective practice tools for advisors today? National Partner Director, Rob Stone, and Solutions Manager of Partner Products, Matthew Prouse, give you the lowdown.

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“Xero HQ is a dramatically new direction that is already working like the hub of our accounting firm. It instantly gives us real-time intel on our clients – such as what industry they are in, who they bank with, what apps they use. Which means we can use this knowledge to give more value back to clients.”

Timothy Munro, Managing Director and CEO, Change Accountants


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