The digital domino effect

We'll show you how your practice could benefit from the full power of the Xero platform and the latest trends in digital connectivity. 

Driving growth through digital connectivity

The Australian economy is seeing a digital domino effect of change, discover how you can take advantage of these digital efficiencies, and how Xero is here to help.  


Get started with Xero Tax

Tackle your returns with our self paced Xero Tax course and find out how smart schedules, worksheets and workflows reduce the need for manual data entry.

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Start Reporting with Xero

Register for our live webinar to find out how you can stop wasting time building out reports and spend more time helping clients.

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Lodge activity statements with Xero

Register for our live webinar on how to lodge BAS directly from Xero to the ATO and check out how the new features work in Xero.

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Start your digital journey with a little help from our partner consulting team

We'll support you in implementing and using Xero products, such as Xero Practice Manager (XPM), Xero Tax and Report Templates, making your transition to Xero as easy and seamless as possible.

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Preparing for a better connected future

Xero is Single Touch Payroll ready & we’re delighted to announce two standalone solutions that will ensure the 400,000 micro-employers (those with up to four employees) about to fall under the new STP rules remain compliant. It’s the first time we’ve offered Payroll as a standalone product, and we’ll deliver both solutions by 1 July 2019.


A new Payroll-only product for as many as four employees, with an expected price of about $10 a month.


The option for Xero partners to add Payroll to a ledger or GST cashbook subscription covering up to four employees (price to be determined).


Both options will feature the full Payroll offering, the ability to process, pay and report information for up to four employees.

Set up Payroll in Xero

Check out our self-paced recertification course that will take you through the set up of Xero Payroll for your clients and show you how easy it is to use Xero Payroll.

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New features in Xero Payroll

Check out our live webinar and keep up to date with Xero's latest product updates and feature releases and what's on the roadmap over the next 90 days.

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What is Single Touch Payroll?

Check out our STP landing page to understand how Single Touch Payroll will impact your Practice and why you should start preparing for a better connected future.

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Move yours client to STP

Register for our live webinar and learn how you can develop and plan for the rollout of Single Touch Payroll for your clients and how you can opt in your practice in Xero.

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Accountant and bookkeeper resources

Download our Pactice ready playbooks and learn how accounting and bookkeeping firms are using Xero practice products and tools to run their business and advise their clients.

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Go with the flow of the digital journey

Make your digital journey even more efficient with digital solutions that will add value to your practice


Go paperless with e-sign

Get started with e-sign so you can make signing off tax declarations a breeze. Clients simply sign their declarations online without the hassle of printing, hand-signing and sending. You'll soon be able to upload any PDF to create your own document pack.

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Start automating your practice

Get started with our Hubdoc & Xero course and learn how Hubdoc automatically fetches bills, receipts and syncs with Xero for a frictionless reconcilliation. Xero partners get a free VIP Hubdoc account for their practice.

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Make Project accounting a breeze

Get started with Xero Projects and help your clients plan projects, manage jobs and send invoices anytime, anywhere. Xero partners can use Projects as an included benefit of the partner program.

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Manage your Expenses with ease

Get started with Xero Expenses and capture costs as they happen from your mobile phone so you always know where you stand. Soon employees that use their personal vehicle for work related travel will be able able to record their mileage in the Expenses app. Totally digital experience.

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Choose the right app stack for your practice with one of these three live webinars.

Understand what a 'Digital App Stack' is and why you should be implementing one for your own firm. 

sole trader

If you’re a sole practitioner or small Practice, this webinar is for you!

Check out our live webinar and understand what a 'Digital App Stack' is and the workflow of a micro Xero firm using Projects.

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If you’re a medium sized/growing Practice, this webinar is for you!

Check out our live webinar and understand what a 'Digital App Stack' is and the workflow of a mid-sized Xero firm using Xero Practice Manager.

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If you’re a larger/multi-entity or site Practice, this webinar is for you!

Check out our live webinar and understand what a 'Digital App Stack' is and the workflow of a multi-entity/site Xero firm using CCH iFirm.

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Your Roadshow in Review action plan

Take everything that has inspired you over your Roadshow experience and get ready to put it into practice with our action plan. Print it out, share it with staff and start preparing for your connected journey.

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