A clear vision from up in the cloud

Roadshow In Review #1

Attendees at the Xero Roadshow 2017, some of who were among the earliest advocates of cloud technology in Australia, had the opportunity to understand the greater global opportunities and behavioural shifts forming as the adoption of cloud software – and its benefits – accelerates across the world.   

Whether due to its increased flexibility, security, data-mining opportunities or efficiency booms, the technology trends pointed to an unstoppable wave of change. It was clear we’re stepping into a future of augmented reality and all that it entails: artificial intelligence, experience design and more.

The survival rate metrics of small businesses using Xero are better than those who don’t – 88% compared to the regional average of 51%.

Armed with such technological grunt, the power of imagination became a key theme of the roadshow: visitors were encouraged to consider the many ways cloud technology can be used to bring their dreams, visions and strategic priorities to life.

Attendees saw demos and presentations of how these trends are having an impact closer to home, both in the product and in businesses – but, here, data tells the story well. Survival rate metrics of small businesses using Xero are better than those who don’t – an impressive 88% compared to the regional average of 51%.

On top of this, we found that businesses using cloud apps grew their net profit 30% faster than those who did not.

With all this in mind, the Xero team shared their own vision for the year ahead – and explained how our latest product updates will help put partners and small businesses at the front of the revolution.

The sunny future of cloud accounting

Trent Innes, MD of Xero Australia, discusses some of the key ways accountants and bookkeepers can use cloud technology to build a brighter future.

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"It's incredible to see how much change has happened in the industry over the last few years and it's so obvious that cloud technology has been a huge driving force of that change. The Xero Roadshow was a great reminder of this."

Jason Robinson, Director and Co-Founder, RBK Advisory

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