Putting it all into practice

This is where the rubber hits the road. Start reaping the benefits of a cloud-based practice by setting your business up for success. We’ll help you walk your clients through the journey, and get them ready for change.

putting it all into practice

Better Accounting Solutions saw instant benefits from their cloud jump. Being in the cloud on the same software as their clients means loads of efficiencies and timesavers. 

Implementing practice products

Turning your business around


Dianne Pulfer from Blitzin Books grew her income by 43% in just seven months, after automating her practice with a cloud-based system. 

Introduction to Xero Tax


Discover how Xero tax can save you time, with the joys of Xero's single ledger for all your lodgement requirements. Try Xero Tax.

Introduction to XPM


Xero Practice Manager is key to cloud transitioning. Learn how to manage workflow, jobs and staff by completing this couse. Try XPM today.

Get started with report templates


Part of the magic of the cloud is Xero reporting. Learn which reports can help you analyse and grow your business, and your clients' too.

Migration certification


This course teaches you how to bring your clients across to Xero, by guiding you through a series of practical exercises.

Choosing technology for your firm


With countless products and services to help improve workflow and productivity, how do you choose which technology is right for your firm?

Reports anyone can understand


Small business owners can sometimes miss important details in reports. That is, unless, you convert the findings into pretty graphs and charts. 

Making the most of apps

Meet our app partners


Have a look around the 600 time-saving apps that connect with Xero and see what some of our partners' favourite apps are. 

Introduction to Xero HQ


Learn the roles of a standard user, and what you can do on Xero HQ; the one place where all the tools for running your business come together. 

The basics of integrating apps


Make the most of Xero's connected and flexible platform. Learn how to use the ecosystem of apps, and give add on advice to your clients.

Apps your clients will love


Accounting apps aren't just for accountants. They'll simplify your clients' lives too. We check out seven great ones that you can recommend.

Billing at its best

Pricing and packages


As you're transforming your business, reassess if your pricing is right. Here's how to meet growing demands, while growing your revenue.

Bundling services


See how Bean Ninjas are bundling their services to maximise accounting profitability and give clients the work life balance they want.

Online payment gateways


Invoices with an option to 'pay now' get settled far faster. Imagine what that could do for your clients' cash flow and why you should adopt it too.

Once you're set, what's next?

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