Choosing to change

Is it time to get online and remove inefficient processes? Here we cover all you need to know about preparing to move your practice to the cloud, and what to expect from partners who’ve already done it.

choosing to change

Planning your transition is all about focusing on your goals and reimagining your business. Join us as we discuss Better Accounting Solutions' move to the cloud. 

The benefits of going cloud

Moving your practice to the cloud


Get an understanding of how moving to the cloud will increase your revenue and affect the way you currently work, in a great way.

Streamlining your time


After The Money Edge streamlined its processes by going cloud, Ally Wadswell tells others "don't even think about it, just do it".

Going all in on the cloud


Learn from others. See what it was really like when Leslie & O'Donnell Chartered Accountants made the big step to the cloud. 

why cloud why xero
Why Cloud? Why Xero?


Here's what working in the cloud looks like, and how it will help you collaborate with clients and save you time, money and more. 

Review and reset

preparing for the flip
Flipping your practice to Xero


Getting ready to make the move is about keeping your eyes on the prize. What are your goals and what do you want to change?

Pre-jump checklist


Before any change, get a sense of how you currently do things. Use this checklist to review your existing process. How does it look?

cloud jumpers practice flip tips
Practice flip tips


This video takes you through the 4 stages of preparing your practice and staff to jump to the cloud. See additional material. 

Preparing for change

change management
Change management


It's important to take your staff along the change journey. Get buy-in, communicate and ensure that any affected processes are captured.

managing objection
Managing objections


Objections to change can be common. This video takes you through the three most common roadblocks and how you can help. 

Streamlining your practice


Identify which of your processes need changing, the upside and insights to timesheets, and what add ons are worth it.

Expert advice for your cloud jump


Cloud technology is still new to some firms. See four key approaches Geoffrey from Xero recommends when considering a move to the cloud.

Ready to jump? Let's do it.

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