Here you'll find some great articles that may help you in your quest to tackle EOFY. Stay tuned as we continue to add new content. 


30 June? What's all the fuss about?


Why all the fuss over 30 June? Who needs it?  Who wants to do that stuff anyway? As business owners we have better things to do!

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Xero Tax | Make tax time work around you this EOFY

Make tax time work around you - check out how Xero Tax can help you and how you can get started. 

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Why two-step authentication is essential for your business

Make sure you're securely set up for the new financial year by ensuring you have two-step authentication enabled. Keep your Xero data safe!

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Survive the EOFY crunch by prioritising your work

Surviving the EOFY rush can be easier with a clear system and process for prioritising your work. Here are some steps that may help.

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Payroll End of Financial Year in 3 words: Piece Of...Cake

Here are some helpful small business tips to help you through year end in Payroll.

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Learning from the end-of-financial-year rush

By learning from end-of-financial-year discussions and work patterns, accountants and bookkeepers can significantly improve their service.

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The accounting challenges of the sharing economy

More Australians are entering the “sharing economy” through platforms like ride-sharing app Uber and home-sharing app Airbnb, without fully understanding the tax implications

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morale high

Keeping morale high at home, work during EOFY

The extra work needed to complete end-of-financial-year tasks can tax you and the people around you. Try these ideas to ease the strain.

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eofy tips

Small business tips for EOFY


With the winter months here we've gathered some top tips from a few of our XPAC partners to help your business get ahead this EOFY.

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More than a million reasons why thousands love Xero Tax

Xero Tax has become the secret weapon for thousands of innovative, agile Tax and BAS agents in Australia. Find out why thousands of partners love Xero Tax.

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