How to transform your practice with Xero

What's this guide about?

The power of running your practice and supporting your clients with cloud-based tools like Xero is accessing up-to-date data. This means no more reliance on backups, hard drives or paper-filled shoeboxes.

If you’re embracing parts of the cloud but want to better understand the capabilities and efficiencies it has to offer, this easy-to-understand guide is a great first step.

It combines checklists, videos and templates to give you everything you need to assist with:

  • transforming your practice
  • implementing practice products

  • getting your clients to jump to the cloud

Before you get started, be sure to join our Facebook community group where we’ll be showing you this transformational journey with one of our Xero partners. Find out how they’re embracing the cloud to streamline and improve their practice, share your own tips and tricks, and see what you can learn from other Xero partners.

Get started by toggling through the chapters below. Let's jump in!

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