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You, your staff, and your workplace

You, your staff, and your workplace

It’s important to invest in yourself and your staff. A happy workplace produces better work. Here we touch on how you can attract the best people, how to keep them, and how to maximise your office space.

Topics covered in this chapter:

  • Your purpose and brand
  • Attracting talent and retaining staff
  • Your workplace

Your purpose and brand

As social creatures, people will always value the human connection in a brand experience. With this in mind, it has become increasingly important to define your business purpose and brand – and bring this to life through everything you do. Whether it’s through a strong understanding of your unique selling points or the one percent of inspirational effort that sets your brand apart, when you truly know and believe in your business purpose, it impacts the way you show up to love, protect, surprise and delight your customers, every day. Here are are some ways you can use the human connection to ignite your brand.

Understand your target audience
Start taking note of all different groups of people who come to your business. Then take the time to research your customers, and get to know them. The key is to understand what your customers want, and demonstrate how you can provide it.

Know what sets you apart
Define your purpose – what do you want to be remembered for? What is your unique selling point? When you truly believe in your point of difference and your business purpose, they become more than posters on the wall: they are your powerful weapon to decision making that sets you apart from competitors.

Bring your brand to life
Your brand is much more than just a company name and logo. It’s who you are as a business and the values you embody into everything you do. People are your brand’s biggest champions, so involve your employees, your partners and your customers wherever you can.

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Attracting talent and retaining staff

Attracting people is not as simple as it used to be. Recruitment is both about how a candidate is a good fit for your business and why your business is a good fit for them.

Writing job advertisements and interviewing staff is a crucial step of the process. Make sure you’re using the right language and platforms to attract the right people. There are many ways you can find employees. Here are some ways you can start your search:

Find employees through colleagues, job boards, social media, LinkedIn, online recruiter services, tertiary institutes etc

Being an employer of choice comes about from a combination of a lot of factors. It generally means people will seek you out if they want to work for you. Think about what how your business is making itself attractive to staff as they progress their careers.

Some easy, quick wins include:

  • flexible working – being able to work from home, having a compressed schedule, or adjusted hours

  • learning platforms – online courses, training days

  • office perks – free fruit, coffee and tea

  • volunteer day – offering a day a year of volunteering in the community

  • recognition – calling out employees’ good work and offering a shorter day in acknowledgement of their hard work

Be a leader and listen to your team’s feedback and ideas. Get your staff involved, support their growth, and try to understand what motivates them.

The best performing staff are those who are empowered, well resourced and feel like they can be themselves at work. And by empowering your team, you might notice they have skills you didn’t even know about.

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Your workplace

Whether you have an office or not, it’s important to have a positive working environment. The space you work in can change how productive you are, how happy your staff feel, and boost client engagement. A small office refresh can go a long way.

Having an office is good for your brand, and people generally want a fun and happy environment to work in as it promotes a better way of working and enables productivity.

If you’re working from home and are looking to expand into an office space, coworking office spaces are a great stepping stone. They’re easy to find online and generally have flexible options. Test it out for a few weeks and see how you go.

For those who have an office, there are some small, affordable wins that can make a big difference in a space, including:

  • indoor plants to freshen up a space and add colour

  • casual furniture for a breakout space

  • natural light to help bring the outside in

  • flexibility in how staff choose to work within the office such as a small phone room, couches or bean bags

  • music or a radio in the background

  • free coffee, tea, fruit and snacks for staff

Have you got a spare desk in your office? You could rent it out as a ‘hot desk’ to your clients or any other small businesses you know. Renting it out on a weekly or monthly basis is a great way to stay in touch with small businesses and help pay the rent.


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