Master the power of Xero

Maximise working together in the cloud with clients, and share the power of Xero.

By leveraging Xero efficiency and automation tools, you’ll streamline how you work, free up time and always be on the same page. Learn the ins and outs of notification settings, dashboard performance, report templates and login security.


There's not much you can't do with Xero. Create invoices, invoice reminders, and even pair with online payment providers like Square. Here we help you master its power and more.

Get paid faster

Setting up invoice reminders

Save your clients hours chasing overdue payments by setting up customised automatic invoice reminders. Learn more with this Xero Central support article.

Payment services in Xero

Add a payment service so your clients get paid sooner and stay cashflow positive. Need more info?  Check out this step-by-step Xero Central support article.

Using online payment gateways

Online payment gateways are a great way to get your invoices paid faster. And adding them is easy. Here's five reasons why you need to add an option to 'pay now'.

Increase efficiency

Notifications in Xero

Notifications help your client stay on top of what's new, what's important and what they need to know or learn. Learn more with this Xero Central support article.

Email settings in Xero

Let your client personalise the emails they send from Xero by changing their email settings. Find out more with this step by step support article.

Search in Xero

Your clients can Xero in on exactly what they need with search in Xero. Learn short cuts to take you straight to bills or contacts with this Xero Central support article.

Xero mobile for iOS

The Xero iPhone app puts your clients business at their fingertips anytime, anywhere. See what else you can do with the Xero for iOS app here.

Xero mobile for Android

The Xero Android app helps your clients stay on top of their business on the go. See what else you can do with the Xero for Android app here.

Create beautiful reports

The Xero dashboard

Let your clients find out how their business is going with a simple glance. Learn more about Xero dashboard by reading this Xero Central support article.

Reporting in Xero

At the click of a button, your clients can prepare and share interactive reports and budgets. Find out more by using this Xero Central support article.

Beautiful business reports

Small business owners sometimes miss the important details in your accounting reports. That is, unless, you convert the findings into graphs and charts. Here’s an easy way to do it.

Customising reports

Tailor smart financial reports for your clients to help them analyse their data and expand upon what a basic report can offer.
2 advisor credits

Creating a management report

Learn how to create and customise reports that provide detailed client management information.
2 advisor credits

Applying a management report

Already created your management report template? Learn how to apply it to different clients here.
2 advisor credits

Secure your data

Assurance dashboard in Xero

Help your client check the accuracy and integrity of their financial data with the assurance dashboard. For more info, check out this Xero Central support article.

Two step authentication

Add an additional layer of data security by implementing two step authentication. Take this short course or read our Xero Central support article.
3 advisor credits

Passwords in Xero

Protect your client’s data by teaching them to manage their passwords with some simple principles.
3 advisor credits

Login history in Xero

Passwords set and ready to go? Learn how to track the login history in Xero if you need to. For out more by using this Xero Central support article.
3 advisor credits

Security noticeboard

Protect your client from phishing scams by browsing our security noticeboard. If you’re unsure about any email you’ve received, you can check there to make sure it’s legitimate.