Conversion FAQs

Conversion FAQs

Who can use this service? 

Anyone wanting to convert their MYOB data file to a paying Xero Business Edition plan.

Who’s actually doing the conversion?

Jet Convert, a trusted technology partner and registered BAS Agent have done thousands of MYOB to Xero conversions.

Is there a limit to the number of conversions I can do?

There are no limits to how many files you can convert, however Xero reserves the right to limit conversions at its own discretion.

What things can stop a conversion?

There are a few things, mainly due to differences in how MYOB works. Here’s a full list.

What MYOB files can I convert?

Windows files with a MYO or MYOX file extension, less than 800mb in size.

Can I convert MYOB Mac, or AccountEdge files?

If you have a MYOB Mac file and you can’t convert it to a supported MYOB Windows version, Jet Convert can arrange for it to be converted to a Windows compatible format for a fee.  Contact Jet Convert for more information.

What is the fee for using this service?

The service is being provided for free. Terms and conditions apply. Xero’s Terms and ConditionsJet Convert’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Do I have to anything to prepare the MYOB file?

The main thing to do is make sure the bank account opening balances are as per the bank themselves. If you’re not sure on this, check out Jet Convert’s Help Centre topic here.

The more up to date and accurate the MYOB file is, the more accurate and up to date the conversion will be.

How much history is converted?

Current year to date and full prior year transactional data. Up to 24 months depending on when you convert and your financial year start date. Transactional data from a purged or closed financial year cannot be converted.

What if I don’t want the transactional history?

You can choose to do a ‘naked’ conversion which brings across the Chart of Accounts, contacts, items and payroll set-up from the beginning of the current financial year. This option does not provide history or balances and is for MYOB files that are out of sync with accountant’s figures.

What does transactional history mean?

Each transaction in MYOB from the conversion date will be converted to Xero. If it is reconciled in MYOB, it will be reconciled in Xero. All invoices, including all line details and all contacts or items. If you’ve used payroll, all payroll transactions are updated to the general ledger and all employees are setup for you ready to go.

Can I specify my own Chart of Accounts for the conversion?

With the conversion option that's fully subsidised by Xero, Jet Convert must convert what’s in the MYOB data file, so the balances and transactions can be managed correctly from MYOB to Xero. After the conversion you can update the Chart of Accounts in Xero.

Jet Convert can offer additional services to convert to your own chart of accounts.

Can choose how bank accounts are set up in Xero?

As part of the conversion service you can review the bank account types that are in the MYOB file and make changes to them prior to the conversion starting.

We recommend that any accounts that require bank feeds or reconciliation should be set up as bank accounts or credit cards in Xero and all other accounts be changed to an asset or liability account.

Can I have a conversion done to my own Xero Trial or an organisation I’ve created?

No. Jet Convert must create the Xero organisation and choose the Business Edition plan type from scratch to deliver the automated service.

How do Jet Convert choose the right Business Edition plan type?  

They check the transaction details in the file you’ve uploaded for things like invoices raised, reconciled bank statement lines and employees paid in the previous 30 days and choose the best Xero Business Edition plan based on that.

Can I get a conversion done to a Partner Edition plan?

No. Only Business Edition plans. MYOB Accounting/AccountRight is a client accounting solution with invoicing and/or payroll, so Xero Business Edition plans best fit.

What happens after the conversion?

The person noted as the subscriber will be invited by email to take over the subscription for the new Xero organisation. Once accepted they’ll be able to manage user access, setup bank feeds, invoice branding and other things needed to get the organisation finalised for everyday use.

Why are you providing this for MYOB desktop software only?

We will look to extend this service to other file types and the products in the future. However, it’s important that there is automation for reliable, repeatable, scalable services to provide the best result to our partners and customers.

Is this Australian only MYOB data files?

Yes, that’s right; conversion of other regions MYOB data files aren’t available from Jet Convert right now.

Who can convert ‘other’ clients files, e.g. different products or more years transaction history?

Take a look at our conversion partners who may be able to assist you with a tailored service. Fees apply.