Emotional Tax Return Competition Winners 2022

Thanks to all businesses for entering. The winners have been notified. We hope this prize will make a small difference in relieving some of the stress of running a business.

Major Prize:

Beau Ushay - South Australia

Minor Prizes:

Melissa McCallum - South Australia

Coco Reynolds - New South Wales

Michael Beltrame - Victoria

Elizabeth Grace - Western Australia

Stuart Allen - Victoria

Michelle Latham - New South Wales

Nathanael Forrest - Queensland

Christine Lane - Victoria

Audrey Schueren - Victoria

Kylie Thompson - Queensland

Amelia Loton - New South Wales

Tim Goldsmith - Victoria

Katie Moritz - New South Wales

Joanna Hutchison - Queensland

Katrina McCallum - Queensland

Craig Dawson - Queensland

Robyn Farrell - Victoria

Christine Hammon - New South Wales

Melissah Kenny - New South Wales

Alexander Hancocks - Victoria

Karynne Courts - New South Wales

Kellie Bright - Victoria

Andrew Einspruch - New South Wales

Rebecca Lloyd - Victoria

Hannah Marshall - Victoria

Randy Tackett - Victoria

Brett Phillips - South Australia

Laurren Kaye - Victoria

Oriana Katselos - New South Wales

Ross Bogaart - Queensland

Katie Liew - Western Australia

Grant Mackinnon - New South Wales

Lucy Roper - New South Wales

Brandi Salmon - Tasmania

Sarah Moran - New South Wales

Joeline Hackman - New South Wales

Molly McEwin - Queensland

Charron Mearns - Queensland

Annemarie Cantrell - New South Wales

Stuart Cargin - Victoria

Mariki Boshoff - New South Wales

Monet Maher - New South Wales

Andrew Crabtree - Victoria

Maria-Stella MarcelleCaterina - New South Wales

Alan Beck - Queensland

Aldo Mignone - South Australia

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