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  • Gold Champion Partner ?
    The partner has earned this status level (bronze, silver, gold, or platinum) based on the number of Xero clients they serve. If shown, they have also attained Xero champion status by completing training and continuing to add more clients.
  • Xero Advisor Certified ?
    Xero advisor certification is the foundation course for Xero advisors, providing a strong understanding and practical knowledge of how to use Xero with their clients.
  • Xero Payroll Certified ?
    Xero payroll certification covers the crucial steps of Xero payroll, with a focus on getting payroll set up efficiently and ensuring a smooth process in the future.

About us

Since 1986, Kearney & Co has delivered comprehensive accounting, taxation and business solutions, and has been a leading provider of custom-tailored professional financial services.

We understand that no two people or businesses are the same, and this means the advice you receive should be as unique as you.

Serving clients like you

P. J. KEARNEY & CO. PTY. LTD. serves clients in 9 different industries. Those clients use 8 different apps that connect and integrate with Xero.

Industry experience

  • Healthcare and social services
  • Real estate and hiring services
  • Accommodation and hospitality
  • Professional services
  • Retail
  • Marketing; advertising and consulting
  • Finance and insurance

Connected apps

Find us

P. J. KEARNEY & CO. PTY. LTD. has an office in 1 location


Kearney Group, Suite 8, 651 Victoria Street, Abbotsford, 3067, VIC

+61 3 9428 8822

New to Xero? P. J. KEARNEY & CO. PTY. LTD. can help

Xero is beautiful online accounting software for smaller businesses. P. J. KEARNEY & CO. PTY. LTD. can help make your switch as smooth as possible.

Contact them to find out how they can help your business.

  • 3 Years Xerocon Attendance ?
    The firm shows a commitment to Xero and to professional development by having one or more of their people attend Xerocon, Xero’s annual global conference, for the number of years shown.
  • Xero Partner Since 2010
Please note, Xero doesn't guarantee the service of any one advisor

We don’t review advisors' listings and we don’t recommend or guarantee the service provided by any one advisor – so make sure you check them out and get comfortable with them yourself.

Xero certification means that representative(s) of the advisor have been assessed by Xero as proficient in the use of the Xero application. Xero’s certification process does not assess any individual or advisor’s proficiency as an accountant, bookkeeper or financial advisor. Xero certified advisors are not employees of Xero.