The Xero Vacation Program

Xero is a beautiful business platform that seamlessly connects small businesses to world class partners, products and each other. The Xero Vacation Program provides an outstanding opportunity for selected students to go behind the scenes and see how we make beautiful business happen.

What part could you play?

This year we are looking for Developers, Accountants, Product Designers, Marketing and PR & Communication students.  Check out further details below and remember applications close on September 13, 2018.

Developers        Product Designers        Accountants        Marketing          PR & Communications    


Developers build our products. You’ll focus on developing all our Xero features, which are many.  If you like making stuff, learning stuff and making sure people are happy, we want you.

What we do

Here you will gain valuable exposure to Xero’s world-class product teams. You could be creating new functionality, fixing bugs, working on our mobile platform or integrating with over 5000 bank feeds across the world.

We have an agile workspace and codebase, with a really fast release cycle – sometimes multiple times a day, with over 1200 releases in 2017. Every day we build and iterate on the software that our users love.

Our amazing teams are made up of full stack developers, front-end and back-end specialists and quality assurance engineers. From working with C# to Javascript, Swift, SQL and AWS, we’ll help start your journey into becoming a full stack developer.


This opportunity is for penultimate year students (that is, finishing studies in mid or late 2019) and we’re keen to see applications from students with a wide range of qualifications.

Ideally you’ll:

  • have a passion for writing code 
  • have technical examples outside of uni, such as playing with a new framework, learning a new language,
  • being active on Stack Overflow or having a great GitHub profile
  • be a great communicator who likes to work with a team
  • be able to take a logical approach to your work and cope with change

Product Designers

Product Designers help shape the product. We think about how our customers use Xero, and then come up with the most enjoyable experiences possible. Curious and clever? We’d love to meet you.

What we do

Working in our product design team will provide you with experience across the entire Xero experience; from how to make customers’ lives better, all the way down to the tiniest interface details. Our team are the ones interested in how someone uses a design, not just the look of a button or screen.

As a close team, we challenge each others’ ideas to make the software as helpful and easy as possible for our customers to use. We throw around ideas and designs with customers, engineers, researchers, writers and product managers, and prototype experiences quickly.


We’re keen to hear from final year students completing studies in a design related degree, including; digital, visual communications, graphic and media design.

We are looking for great listeners, who can ask questions and put themselves in other people’s shoes. You will have an analytical side and a knack for crafting beautiful user experiences.

Ideally you’ll:

  • be able to use Sketch

  • be an excellent communicator, team player and problem solver who can take a logical, analytical approach while being user focused

  • be creative, agile, motivated and passionate

  • be someone who likes to question the status quo

Accountants - Sales & Partner

Xero helps small businesses to thrive.  Accountants and Bookkeepers (known as our ‘Partners’) love Xero and its associated tools as the platform enables them to more effectively manage workflows and relationships with small business clients. These openings will provide you with work experience in our Partner Consulting / Sales Operations teams.

What we do

In our Partner Consultant team, you’ll to be involved in the full sales cycle of an accountant or bookkeeping practice, flipping their business to cloud based practice tools and services.  You’ll be across the why and the how of Partners moving their business to Xero, including helping with technical deep dives, converting data and providing post conversion support.

Sales Operations helps our Sales teams to expand the Xero footprint in each of our regions.  It does so by reporting on sales and marketing activities, managing Partner programs, refining sales processes and driving automation efforts.  In this role you will work with Salesforce and other systems, extracting data and providing insights to our Sales and Marketing teams.


This opportunity is for penultimate year students who are completing a Commerce/Accounting or related degree.

Ideally you’ll:

  • have experience with managing data with advanced use of Excel

  • understand key accounting principles and how data flows through accounting systems

  • be an excellent communicator, both written and verbally, while not being afraid of being in the spotlight

  • have a great work ethic, initiative and results focus.


Our marketing function brings Xero to life.  We own and grow the Xero brand, and have a strong focus on supporting and growing our small business customers and partners.

What we do

Working in the AU Marketing team you’ll cut your teeth across a broad range of marketing activities.  You’ll support marketing campaigns (including campaign briefing, development, execution and analysis) and help deliver major events, as well as provide administrative and systems support so the team can meet their objectives.


This opportunity is for penultimate year students who are completing a marketing related degree.

Ideally you’ll:

  • understand the different forms of marketing and how they would apply at Xero

  • have the ability to effectively manage priorities and work to tight deadlines

  • demonstrate a great work ethic, willingness to learn and ability to collaborate

  • bring a creative, innovative and results focused approach

PR & Communications

The Australian Communications team at Xero focuses on telling stories through media and our content channels that makes a positive impact on small businesses and partners, while building the Xero brand. Do you love to write and/or are interested in the world of Public Relations? We’d love to hear from you!

What we do

Working in the AU Comms team, you’ll have the opportunity to play a role bringing to life our customer stories and telling the ongoing Xero business narrative. You’ll support PR campaigns (development and execution), organise media events, source customer case studies, help launch new data and insights, create media and campaign reports and provide administrative support to help the team meet their goals.


This opportunity is for penultimate year students who are completing a public relations or journalism related degree.

Ideally you’ll:

  • have a passion for writing and telling stories

  • be creative and enjoy contributing ideas to develop new innovative campaigns

  • have the ability to ‘hustle’ and effectively manage priorities within in a fast paced team

  • demonstrate a great work ethic, willingness to learn and ability to collaborate

  • have an attention to detail and be results focused