We know what it takes for you to do the best work of your life. We’ll invest in you and work together to find out what it is that makes you tick, and how your career can flourish with Xero.

Take ownership of your career

Join the Xero grad program and we'll work together to find out what it is that makes you tick, and how your career can flourish.

We hire grads from a diverse range of backgrounds, from those straight out of uni to those who already have a few careers under their belt. Hear from some of our past and current grads to find out where they started, where they are now, and how Xero helped them get there.

pattrick choy
Pattrick Choy


Xero has really helped me grow professionally and has given me a good work/life balance. I go bouldering with friends quite often, I do kick-boxing and jiu-jitsu, and I love getting out and about and seeing what Melbourne has to offer. 

The cohort I started with were a good group of super like-minded and awesome people. We became a really close bunch of friends, we’d get lunch together, play table tennis and I even went travelling with a few of them after uni.

The longer I’ve been here, the more I’ve learned and the more I’m capable of doing technically. It was a steep learning curve, but also super enjoyable, and helped me grow in confidence and capability.

Pattrick joined Xero through the Vacation Program in November 2017 and now works as a full-time marketing analyst.


alex royden
Rita Tse


When I was in high school I used to make a lot of websites, I played with HTML, CSS and Javascript. I never really considered it for a career though, partly because it’s male dominated and because I was more into the visual side of web development.

Rotations let you explore different business problems and different technologies. My favourite rotation was in mobile because it aligns with my interests. Having the opportunity to do Android development at Xero let me explore a new tech stack – and reaffirmed why I like it.

Working at Xero isn’t just about building the product. Building our culture is part of the company as well. It’s about the people who work here and the part of us that we bring to work.

Rita joined Xero through the vacation program, and then started the grad program in 2019. She worked part time while she finished her studies.

alex royden
Lamphai Intathep


I worked as a reporter in Thailand for five years but I wanted to know how to do all the magic behind websites, so I decided to change my career. Now I’m an international student in Melbourne doing a masters in software development. 

I’m at uni three days a week and at Xero for two days a week. It’s a lot of work but it’s great if I have questions about coding from uni because I can just ask one of the experts at Xero. 

Next year I’ll be a graduate developer at Xero and I’m looking forward to learning and exploring everything through the rotations. It’ll be useful to help me find out what direction I want to go in and what my strengths are.

Lamphai joined Xero through the Vacation Program in 2018 and became an intern developer, she is now a graduate developer.

Elizabeth Purcell


I didn’t know the term for what I wanted to do when I was at uni, but the product designer title really encompasses what I want to do. 

I studied throughout the entirety of my grad year – I worked four days at Xero and studied for one day while I finished my degree. Xero were happy for me to be flexible on that, which was really great. 

I’d worked before but I liked that Xero let me work on my skills from the ground up. They taught me on the job and built a proper foundation for what I wanted to learn. I felt like I could build my skills from the ground up rather than being expected to hit the ground running.

Elizabeth joined Xero through the vacation program and then the grad program in 2019. She worked part time while she finished her degree.

Hannah Boekhorst


I was living in Wellington and looking for a fresh start somewhere else, when I saw the job in Melbourne. I had a Skype interview, got the job, packed up my things and moved across the ditch.

I got put straight into a team as a graduate designer. It was such a supportive environment and I could just ask anyone if I had any questions or worries.

I still feel like I learn something new every day. Taking projects through from the conceptual stage to finished work gives you a real sense of satisfaction and ownership. 

If you’re looking for a great brand to work for, with a great work culture and people to really support you then definitely apply for the grad program.

Hannah is a designer in the Hub. She joined Xero as a graduate designer in 2018.