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Bills + Expenses is a cashflow command and control system. It simplifes handling accounts receivable and accounts payable by moving the processes online. gives you:
  • A streamlined invoicing process. Invoices are uploaded into and sent to to the correct people for approval. Check the status of the invoice at any time.
  • The option to settle payables by printing a check or scheduling an electronic payment date.
  • Easy-access storage for bills, invoices, contracts, purchase orders and other important documents.
  • The ability to visualize your company’s or client’s cash flow, in real time.
Who is it for? is ideal for businesses of all sizes seeking a simpler way to manage cashflow. It's also great for CPAs that manage their practice in the cloud.

How does it work with Xero?

Invoices from are imported into Xero as money coming in and money going out. When a payment is made to your bank account all you have to do is reconcile the transaction in Xero.

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