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Resolved – recent intermittent issues with Xero

Now resolved – intermittent connection issues with Xero, 9am UTC

A limited subset of customers may have experienced intermittent connection issues with Xero services over the last five hours.

We have addressed the problems and all services are fully available again.

Our initial investigation indicates that maintenance completed earlier today caused some of our servers to have intermittent connection issues which have now been resolved.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.


Peak beard: does creative equal hirsute?

When I joined Xero I wrote a short blog about what it’s like wearing a Xero t-shirt to work. It was a blog about how people look, the assumptions people make based on our appearance and the impact that our clothes have in the business world.

But how we look isn’t just defined by our clothes. If you’re a man and, like me, you have a beard, you’re also sending out a certain subconscious message about who you are. Men who wouldn’t have been seen dead with facial hair five years ago are now sporting beards that wouldn’t look out of place on an Edwardian sea captain, or a 19th century Wild West gold prospector. And nowhere is this more true than in the creative industries.

Are the beard’s days numbered?

So have we reached ‘peak beard’? Plenty of columnists have been saying so. In fact, a team from the University of New South Wales in Sydney even published research into the attraction (or not) of men with beards. But if you walk down Leather Lane around the corner from our Farringdon office, you’ll see plenty of beard action still happening on the streets of London – especially amongst the creative community. In fact, the coffee shops of Farringdon, Clerkenwell and Shoreditch are heaving with bearded creatives (and even the occasional moustache).

Inkling – why creatives love Xero

So does creative equal hirsute? Our latest case study video highlights how creative marketing agency, Inkling, use Xero to manage their business. And you’ll see that the beard is definitely still being rocked here in the UK.

Inkling recommends Xero for small business accounting from Xero on Vimeo.

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Farming in the Cloud debuts at Fieldays 2014

We debuted our new Farming in the Cloud online accounting and farm management solution with key farming solution partner Figured, at Fieldays 2014 in Mystery Creek. We’re already halfway through our first foray into the biggest event on the New Zealand rural calendar, and although we’ve been travelling around the country talking with the rural sector for a while now, we’ve been overwhelmed at the interest and engagement from the farming community.

Feedback from New Zealand farmers and rural businesses who serve the farming industry has been fantastic, and there is genuine excitement at the end-to-end cloud eco-system that we’ve created with our partners for the rural community, and the impact that the Rural Broadband Initiative will have for rural businesses around the country.

Farming in the Cloud stall at Fieldays 2014 We’re loud and proud at Fieldays and to top it all off, Xero last night won the award for best premiere feature site. A fantastic achievement from the team  especially with some trying weather conditions during set up. Looking forward to the next two days!

A few of the highlights have included: Prime Minister John Key takes Farming in the Cloud online tour with Ben Richmond, Xero Rural Strategy Lead, during his walkabout at Fieldays 2014 today. Continue reading ›


Outstanding Contribution to Technology winner Rod Drury

We’re proud to announce that Rod Drury was honoured for Outstanding Contribution to Technology in NZ at last night’s CIO Awards.Xero CEO wins Outstanding Contribution to Technology

Introducing the award, Graeme Riley — NZ Managing Director for SAP — said that Rod is is one of New Zealand’s leading CEO’s and business entrepreneurs.

From all of us here at Xero, we’d like to say congratulations!

To read more about the evening and the reasons why Rod was honoured with the award, check out this article by The National Business Review:

CIO Awards 2014: Rod Drury honoured for Outstanding Contribution to Technology in NZ



Xero Practice Manager released

Today we released Xero Practice Manager, our online practice management solution, delivering job, time and invoice management to accountants and bookkeepers.

This release is the culmination of months of effort by our product development team and is a strong demonstration of our investment in our partner community. Xero Practice Manager is currently available at no software license cost to members of the Xero Partner Program who have Silver status or above.

Over the past few weeks we have previewed several of the key features of this release, but today marks the general availability of the solution. For a complete overview, take a look at the video below.

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Company Tax Return in Practice Manager

Xero Practice Manager - Company Tax ReturnWe’re almost there!

As we get closer to our next Tax release we thought it was time to go into the new features in more detail and give you guys a little sneak peek so you know what to expect.

Our next instalment welcomes our first version of Company Tax Returns which gives you the ability to create Company Tax Returns for 2013 and 2014 and lodge them to the Australian Tax Office.

The attractive new interface, designed in heavy collaboration with our partners, results in a clean and easy to use experience. You’ll also have the benefit of real time auditing, which means your Company Tax Return will be checked for errors before you attempt to file, saving you time and the hassle of rework.

Worksheets and Schedules you’ll see with this release include:

  • Non Individual Payment Summary schedule
  • Capital Gains worksheet and schedule
  • Losses schedule
  • Dividends and Interest schedule
  • Franking account balance worksheet
  • Capital Allowances (UCA, LVP, SBE) worksheet

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Positioning fixed assets to your clients – in Xero it’s easy

Fixed assets come up regularly as an area of uncertainty when we’re talking to businesses. So we’ve put together a brand new webinar for UK accountants and bookkeepers that want to get their clients up to speed. It explains all the ins and outs of fixed assets and guides you through how to deal with them in Xero.

I caught up with our resident education and training expert, Ashley Driver, to get the lowdown on what fixed assets are, in accounting terms, and the benefits of a better understanding of how to account for them.

Ashley Driver, Xero

Ashley Driver presenting at Accountex 2014

So over to Ashley to explain what fixed assets are…

How would you describe fixed assets to a client?

“Fixed assets in a business are essentially anything that’s owned by that entity that’s of worth and is retained over a period of time. So that could mean motor vehicles, land, buildings or machinery etc. – basically, anything that isn’t likely to be sold or converted to cash quickly.”

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Apple Worldwide Developer Conference keynote presentation 2014

This year’s Apple Worldwide Developer Conference keynote presentation had a distinct developer focus, a stark change from the more consumer marketing focused keynotes of recent years. So much so, that Apple have described it as the most significant developer event since the first iPhone Software Development Kit was released in 2008.

From a software developer point of view, the volume of content in yesterday’s presentation was immense, with lots of surprises. Apple announced iOS 8, and OS X Yosemite, as well as not one, but two new programming languages which will see these platforms into the future. Coupled with a raft of new developer tools and features, these will ultimately help us, as creators of iOS applications,  write higher quality, more stable applications, and enable more intimate integration with other applications, and the operating system itself.

Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in San FranciscoMore generally, there were also some interesting themes in the announcements from Apple. Themes that may directly affect you and your customers:


The first is the concept of ‘Continuity’ – the idea that all the devices you own should be aware of what you’re doing. If you start composing an email on your iPhone, and you’re near your Mac, you should be able to pick up editing that same email and send it from your Mac with almost no effort, and vice versa. This concept was demonstrated across a variety of common tasks, from making and receiving calls, browsing websites, all the way down to editing photos within applications.

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Get a move on – our top tips for moving offices

You’ll know from our recent blog that we’re planning a move to a new UK HQ. Moving an entire team of people to a new building is no walk in the park. And getting an office space upgraded, refitted and ready to roll is a big job that requires a whole lot of planning, organisation and hard work. So, how do you make sure it all runs smoothly?

Planning your move

What are the secrets to a successful office move? I sat down with our UK Facilities Manager, Christine Prince, to hear her top tips for making sure everything runs like clockwork.

Christine Prince, UK Facilities Manager, Xero UK

Christine Prince, our UK Facilities Manager for Xero UK

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Xero and Retail Express POS Integration

Retail Express POS is a Xero Add-on

Retail Express is a point of sale system designed for single-store retail businesses and multi-store retail businesses with up to 80 stores. It powers retail businesses who sell items as furniture and homeware, fashion and accessories, recreational goods and all other general retail. The basic rule is, if you sell something (with the exception of food), Retail Express can help. If your business sells online, or would like to, Retail Express can design, build and integrate a custom webstore.

Set up your webstore with Retail Express

How it works with Xero

A summary of your daily trading activity moves across from Retail Express to Xero as a journal entry. The detail of this activity remains stored in Retail Express and can be accessed at anytime with a number of easy to use reporting functions.

Specifically, the data that transfers from Retail Express to Xero includes:

  • Sales
  • Cost of Sales
  • Customer Payments
  • Purchase Orders
  • Stock Adjustments

Why use Retail Express?

It provides you ultimate control and visibility into your retail business operations and empowers you to make informed decisions and see more profitable growth. The Xero add-on integration streamlines your accounting process and makes reconciliation a quick and easy task.

“The best way to discover Retail Express for yourself is to book a guided tour of the platform and you will see why this is a great product for the Retail space, coupled with Xero to streamline the Accounting” – Robert King, Northern Business Consultants

Try it today

Sign up for Retail Express today by visiting their website or phoning them on 1300 732 618