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2009 success & survival guide

We asked our customers, blog readers and advisors to share with us their advice for succeeding and surviving in business in 2009. We received a flood of fantastic tips and ideas. Read more

Starting a business

A collection of articles written by Xero CEO Rod Drury for a New Zealand Herald 6 part series published over Christmas 2007. Read more

Running a business

Running a small business can be hard. Where do you start? This section is an evolving collection of the general financial things you should think about. Read more

Invoicing tips to improve your cash-flow

In these tight times cash is king. And when it comes to cash, timing is everything. Read more

Make your business fundable

Having your business funding ready is like saving for a rainy day. You may not ever need to introduce external funding into your business but it is always useful to know that you can. Read more

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