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Microsoft Office integration with Practice Manager

From today, accountants and bookkeepers can use the Microsoft Office 365 document management solution (SharePoint) and Practice Manager together seamlessly. The integration by The Full Suite gives our Partners commoditized, cloud-based document management on the Microsoft platform they’re used to.

The integration with Office 365 and Sharepoint is achieved using The Full Suite’s SuiteFiles web application. SuiteFiles lets documents created in Office 365 automatically include client information from Xero Practice Manager saving accountants hours per week and ensuring documents are more accurate. Client documents such as contracts, images and spreadsheets relevant to a project or job can be accessed directly from SuiteFiles.

Practice Manager and Microsoft Office integration

This two-way integration between Office 365 and Practice Manager adds to the existing integrations with Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.

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Cashflow forecasting and budgeting with Float

floatFloat brings simple cashflow forecasting and budgeting to the cloud. Designed to be simple and easy to use, you can be up and forecasting in just a few minutes.

Handy features like scenario planning for potential issues and seasonality means you can get rid of the spreadsheets and rely on an app that makes forecasting easy enough so that anyone can use it. It syncs with Xero so your forecast is always up to date.

Who is it for?

Float has been designed so anyone that runs a small business can use it to plan their future cash flow. There are plans that cover everyone from sole traders right through to larger finance teams.

And just like Xero, you can invite your accountant in to help out too.

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A blueprint for Farming

One of our objectives this year was to make some progress on Xero for Farming. Today we’re releasing a Farming Integration guide that provides a blueprint for seamless farming and accounting software. We have a number of providers with solutions in progress.

Farm solutions have traditionally included farm management and accounting. They are also traditionally disconnected from other software. The farmer works away on forecasts, livestock and fertilizer planning on their software while the accountant in town often processes bank transactions from the bank statements – the same work being done twice.

We’re solving this problem by helping farm solution providers use our API to connect the farm management side of their business to accounting in Xero. Here’s our thinking:

How Xero works with farming

If you’re an accountant with farming clients, or if you develop farming solutions, you can see the detail behind this diagram along with a roadmap in our farming integration guide. Continue reading ›


Sparking technology innovation

Chris Ridd speaking about technology innovationAccording to new research commissioned by PayPal Australia, technology comprehension can have a big impact on the growth of Australian SMEs. Three in five SMEs claim that they could run their business more efficiently if they knew more about the digital tools and technology innovation available.

Last week, AU Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull and I tackled this issue at PayPal’s annual Driving Business Online event. This is a national education program to help small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) take advantage of the digital economy.

It was a great opportunity for me to restate the importance of small business to the economy, a sector that represents 46% of GDP and 73% of all trading entities.

I spoke about the rapid shift to cloud computing within this sector due to the compelling cost savings and agility that moving to the cloud offers to these business owners. I also spoke of the trend we’re seeing among small businesses moving to mobile, with over 145,000 downloads of our smartphone app, Xero Touch. The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull agreed and said that one aspect of the digital economy that businesses are being forced to address is the increasing use of mobile devices by customers.

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Talking about technology behind business

Following on from last week’s TV interview with Peter Switzer, I was again in the hot seat at Sky News studio. This time I was speaking with Nigel Freitas, host of Technology Behind Business.

Since the last time I spoke to Nigel on the launch of our listing on the ASX, Xero shares have risen 275%. There was a lot of news to update him on, especially Xero’s recent capital raise, our plans for the funding, and our strategy for taking on some of our bigger competitors.

We talked about the competitive landscape in Australia and the investment needed to fuel future growth. We see this as a big point of difference between Xero and some of our competitors in the Australasian market. We’re excited about the opportunities the funding will bring for Xero as a global leader in accounting software.

Check out the interview below:


ASB adds support for more accounts

ASB logoFurther extending their collaboration with Xero after the launch of credit card feeds last month, ASB have today launched support for loans, term deposits and foreign currency feeds.

ASB is the first bank in Australasia to offer support for foreign currency accounts in Xero.  If you are using Xero’s large product and have multi-currency requirements, such as exporting income or payments to international suppliers, these feeds will help you keep on top of activity in all the foreign currency accounts you hold at ASB.

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Seamless accounting and payroll

Payroll is a hard thing to love! The greatest compliment that we ever receive is the joy our customers feel for something that is now simple, that was once so complex. Our goal here at Xero is to bring you the most beautiful US domestic payroll product that we possibly can. Over the next few blog posts, we’ll share with you our plans for seamless accounting and Payroll, provide some snippets of the product and invite you on our roadshow to see it all in action – live and up close.

Payroll and accounting in one at the US Xero Roadshow


Since the idea was first born to bring payroll to the Xero product here in the US, we’ve focussed on making the experience seamless and simple. No longer is it acceptable to separate payroll and the general ledger. This potentially introduces costly mistakes through export and import, or synchronization.

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Attach files to your financial data

Today cloud accounting moves beyond transactions and reports to include files and documents as part of the full financial data picture. Welcome to Files in Xero.

Traditionally, the files you create and receive as part of your business have been stored away in filing cabinets, shoe boxes or in some hidden folder on your computer. While many of these are directly related to your business, it’s not always easy to locate them when needed. With all your business data in Xero, it no longer makes sense to store your financial data and files separately – and this will make collaborating with your advisors even easier.

Files lets you attach multiple documents to almost anything in Xero and have them right at your fingertips, exactly where you expect to find them. Files can be associated with invoices, transactions, expense receipts, fixed assets, contacts, chart of accounts, bank accounts and even manual journals.

Xero has had single file attachments on bills and receipts for a while – but that was really only the beginning.

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Agile, blasphemy & burning bridges – UX Design Day

UX Design Day speaker Phil Fierlinger

Last week I managed to stir things up a bit during the UX Design Day conference. I did a talk about our design approach at Xero and got a bit…passionate…about some topics near and dear to my heart.

I ended up letting a few f* bombs fly, captured for posterity on the twitters.

F* lorem ipsum! F* style guides! F* agile sprints!

We design the dream solution, but it’s only a f*ing dream until you ship.

At Xero our philosophy is to build bridges – while we’re running across them…but we also burn the bridge behind us, to make sure we’re constantly innovating.

I stand by my words. We’re constantly challenging conventional wisdom and challenging ourselves to do things better at every turn – we can’t stagnate and we can’t let ourselves be held back by any ideological or technical dogmas.

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New Xero Touch for iOS out today

We are delighted to announce that the new version of Xero Touch for iOS is available today for download from the iTunes App Store. It’s a total rebuild of the application from the ground up, using the iOS SDK and taking full advantage of Apple hardware to boost performance and responsiveness.

We’ve made some tweaks to the design to look more at home on iOS7 devices, and we have completely redesigned bank reconciliation to help you get through your bank reconciliation faster. Bank rec in bed is now a reality.

With this full rebuild complete we’re now in a good position to deliver more frequent releases and drive further mobile accounting innovation. Let us know what you think in the comments.

New version of Xero Touch for Android coming soon

A native rebuild of Xero Touch for Android is well underway with our recently formed Android development team. We’ll bring you further updates when we have them.