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Accountex – an amazing community of add-on software

We’ve loved having our add-on software partners here at Accountex. There’s been a real family vibe at the Xero Village over the two days of the show. And that feeling of community is central to how Xero works as a platform for businesses and accounting practices.

As Gary Turner, our MD, highlighted in his keynote speech yesterday, the days of desktop-based software are numbered. Cloud is where small businesses are working, and that means that accounting practices need to be in the cloud too. And when you have a platform like Xero, our open API gives developers complete access to create the business tools that companies are crying out for.

As Nathan Keeley from Carpenter Box LLP explains, having the right add-ons – Receipt Bank in this case – alongside Xero can really turn around your processes.

What did our add-on software partners think of Accountex?

We’re proud of the fact that there are now over 350 add-ons that work with Xero. And we’re so pleased that 14 of our partners came along to Accountex to meet existing accountancy partners, small business owners and other developers.

The community feeling between the different add-on pods has really been fantastic. So we went around the Xero Village earlier today to see how some of them had found Accountex.

Add-on software partners at Accountex

Xero Team at Accountex 2014

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Accountex – Day 2 at the Xero Village

“It’s Day 2 and everyone’s getting ready for another big day at Accountex…” (you can imagine that in a Big Brother voice, if you want).

If you’ve read our blog from Day 1 then you’ll know we had an incredibly busy time at the Xero Village yesterday. We were pretty overwhelmed with the response and it was great to meet so many people over the course of the day. There’s a real, and very genuine, interest in cloud accounting around the show this year. And that’s born out by the stats from our attendee survey that we ran yesterday. Of the people we spoke to, 73% said ‘we want cloud accounting’ – that’s nearly three quarters of all delegates at Accountex!

Come and hear our keynote speech at 2pm today

Gary Turner delivered his keynote speech yesterday to a great response. He’ll be running through the presentation again today on the Xero Village stand at A330 at 2pm today. Come and find out why ‘Everything you know about technology is wrong’.

Gary Turner, Xero UK Managing Director

Gary Turner delivering his keynote speech at Accountex

More ice creams!

Our accountancy themed ice creams went like…well, not hot cakes, but more like very tasty cold ices. So we’ll be handing out more VAT Vanilla and Coffee Bean Counting cones today between 1pm and 5pm.

Get your Xero ice creams

Get your Xero ice creams


Accountex – let the fun commence!

It’s took an entire articulated lorry to get us to ExCeL London, but we’re finally here at Accountex. It’s bigger, it’s busier and it’s bustling with accountants, tax experts, pensions specialists and finance professionals – even a few solicitors from the Legalex conference which is taking place next door. And if they’ve got any sense, they’ll be heading for stand A330 where our Xero Village takes pride of place in the hall.

The Xero Village at Accountex

Getting busy at the Xero Village

Meet our add-ons family at Accountex and win a MacBook Air

You won’t just find the Xero team on our stand this year. We’ve also got 14 of our add-on partners here giving demos from their purpose built pods. They’ve certainly been busy so far – it’s great to see so many people wanting to find out about the flexibility of the Xero platform. Pick up one of our Partner Passports from stand A330, get a stamp from each of our add-ons and Xero and you’ll be entered into a draw to win a sleek, new MacBook Air.

Get tweeting and bag yourself some Xero swag

We’ve got bundles of Xero goodies to give away at the Xero Village. Tweet us your pics, videos and comments with the #xerovillage hashtag. Then just show your tweet to one of the Xero team and we’ll share some swag with you. We’ve got our awesome new Oystercard holders, waterbottles and some cool magnetic noughts and crosses games. And if you fancy reliving your childhood, we’ve got Xero yo-yos to hand out, with demos from two professional yo-yo champs on the stand showing you how it’s done. No strings attached *boom tish*.

Xero yo-yos at Accountex

Grab a Xero yo-yo

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Victoria Crone: My first month at Xero

Victoria Crone is the new Managing Director at Xero New Zealand

Victoria Crone, Managing Director, Xero New Zealand

Prior to joining, I’d had a reasonable amount of exposure to Xero through my past business relationships/deals – I’d heard the Xero story at events like the Disruptive Innovation conferences, had a quick visit to Xerocon, and I’d seen a fair bit in the media.

Now that I’m officially a ‘Xero’ the first thing that speaks volumes for me and stands above everything is the people and the culture. I have been overwhelmed by people’s friendliness, energy, pride, willingness to help and the excitement about what I can contribute. It doesn’t stop there. There’s a fun and energy to this place that’s infectious. Disruption and innovation are at the heart of the way we think around here.

I love a company that eats its own dog food. Over the years, I have embraced everything technology and cloud in my family and home life, so it’s super exciting to finally have that in my work life, as well. In joining Xero, I’m loving the shift to all things Google, Cloud, video, etc. By the end of Week One, I had it all set up and I’m in heaven – Google Docs, Hangouts, Evernote, MyThoughts, SaneEmail and so much more.

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Working and collaborating together – our new UK HQ

We’ve all been there: you’ve arranged a catch-up with a colleague and then you find there are no meeting rooms free. Or you’ve bumped into someone at the coffee machine, got chatting and need to find a space to talk through a project you’re working on. If you’re like me, you might also sometimes need a quiet place away from the madding crowd to do some serious writing/planning/coding/watching cats play the piano on YouTube. So having the right working spaces in your office is important – and that’s why we’re building this idea of working and collaborating into our new UK HQ building.

Creating an inspiring workspace

In part 1 of our office move blog series we explained why we’re moving to a bigger location – because Xero UK is growing so quickly we need more space for our amazing people. We really want our new HQ to be a shining example of flexible, cutting-edge working. So, how are we going to do this? I sat down with our new UK Facilities Manager, Christine Prince, to find out what the new office will be like once it’s all fitted out:

“Collaboration is really important, so there will be eight, fully teched-up meetings rooms in the new office. So that’s a great starting point for us working more closely together. But we’ll also have open-plan desks, booths and meeting pods dotted around the floor so people can have more informal meetings, or quick catch-ups where privacy isn’t an issue. I think that’s really going to improve how we work.

We’re making sure we have some super-fast WiFi in the office, so that means all our people will be able to connect wherever they are in the building. And there are going to be breakout spaces where clients can come in, hot-desk and get on with some work away from their own office. We’re hoping to make it much easier for us to collaborate, brainstorm and work alongside our partners in this new building, especially now that we’ve got so many educational and enablement resources for our Xero partners.”

Space to work, rest and play

And that’s not all, folks. We’ll also have a games console space with a big plasma screen and comfy beanbags to chill out on. And there’s a pool table in the kitchen for when we need a bit of competitive spirit. The kitchen is going to be amazing. We’ll have full cooking facilities, all the usual white goods appliances and some quality coffee machines, all focused around a central kitchen bar with stools and seating for us all to get together for lunch or a sneaky tea and cake – there’s even a tea and coffee point for when the caffeine buzz is needed. By the way, thanks very much to Receipt Bank for the amazing cake they sent us in the run-up to Accountex. It didn’t last very long, as you can see in this pic. We never turn down a free cake!

For the more energetic members of the team who want to run/cycle/skateboard to work (or who’ve eaten too much of that cake), we’re also fitting in two shower rooms and one wet room shower. So there’ll be no excuses for our trainee Xero Dragon Boat team not being fresh as daisies after their training sessions.

So, what shall we call our meeting rooms?

We’re always very keen to innovate here at Xero. So we’ve been thinking very hard about what names we should give our eight, shiny new meeting rooms. A few suggestions for themes that have come up so far are ‘Famous names from technology’, ‘Historical British figures’ and ‘Names of old school computers from the 80s’.

But what do you think? If you’ve got a great theme for our meeting room names, we’d love to hear your ideas. Drop us a comment below, or tweet as at our @xero Twitter account.



Meet the add-ons family – part 2

We mentioned in our recent blog that we’ve invited 14 of our amazing add-on partners along to this year’s Accountex. It’s the UK’s largest accounting conference, taking place at ExCeL London on 15th and 16th May. And our Xero Village stand will be the focal point for anyone who really wants to expand their understanding of cloud accounting.

We’ve already introduced you to five of the top reporting add-ons who’ll be there at the Xero Village. This time around, we’re going to profile five add-ons who deal with making payroll, staff administration, payment and cashflow an absolute breeze in Xero.

Making the most of Xero add-ons

We love the flexibility that our add-on partners bring to Xero. Having over a dozen of them on our stand is a golden opportunity to find out how Xero can be tailored to meet your cloud needs. So, lets get the next five into the Xero interview chair and hear their stories in their own words:

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Wondering where the developer jobs are? Xero is hiring!

From the UK to the high tech capital of NZ – there’s heaps of developer jobs available at Xero in Wellington right now.

We need web and front end developers – a lot of them – so we’ve teamed up with 920 Career Agents and Grow Wellington to find some. They will be in the UK during May and June sourcing as many talented techies as they can find. I’ll then be heading over to the UK with a group of other Xeroes to interview, make offers and fill our suitcases with as many POMS and ex-pats as we can!

Developer jobs at Xero

We’ve put together a great relocation package and other incentives, plus the opportunity to work and live in a city where everything is within your reach and the tech sector is going off.

Industry changing, edgy, world dominating, beautiful – that’s us. Don’t you think it’s about time you made the move?

If you want your very own boarding pass, register your interest on the campaign’s landing page.

You can check out some of the current developer jobs and more on our careers page to learn more about how we #dobeautifulwork.



Take a peek inside design at Xero

Great design is core to Xero’s DNA. In fact, Philip Fierlinger, Xero’s head of design and co-founder, tells people that Xero is not a software company, but a user experience company.

Design at Xero
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Check out the Xero village at Accountex 2014

We’ve got our biggest ever stand at this year’s Accountex – the UK’s largest accounting conference which takes place at ExCeL London on 15th and 16th May. There’s lots happening at the Xero Village and we’re pretty damn excited about what we have in store for you, as you can probably tell!

You can sign up now for free tickets in advance, so why not come down and see us. Here are a few great reasons to come along and say hello…

  • Xero Village with demo screens, add-on pods and breakout space to chat – meet the Xero team and get your burning questions answered.

  • 14 Xero add-on partners on hand to answer your questions – it’s a perfect chance to find out how Xero can be adapted for your practice (you can read more about our amazing add-on partners in the mini-interviews below).

  • Xero theatre with full demos of the Xero platform – we’ll show you how to get the most from our cloud-based business platform.

  • When you watch any of our Accountex seminars, you’ll get free accredited CPD points.

  • Plus you get a chance to win a MacBook Air in our prize draw… oh and we’re handing out ice cream too. It’s almost too good to miss.

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Xero plays host to 500 Startups

It really does take one to know one. Not long ago, we at Xero fancied ourselves a startup (and in many ways, we still do). So you can imagine our excitement as we recently opened our San Francisco doors to 500 Startups — the leading accelerator, aggregator and supporter of all things startups.

One big happy family

At the center of the festivities was a fireside chat with Xero CEO Rod Drury and Dave McClure, Founding Partner of 500 Startups. The standing-room-only crowd gathered around these two in a setting that felt more like a family and community event than a startup shindig.

Rod Drury of Xero and Dave McClure of 500 Startups
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