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[RESOLVED] Xero is experiencing issues

Xero is currently experiencing an issue with the Xero websites.  The Operations and Infrastructure teams are investigating this as our highest priority to resolve the issue. We will continue to update this blog with more developments until performance is returned to normal. We’ll update as soon as we have any details.

We acknowledge the frustration this may be causing, and thank you for your support while we pull out all the stops to get this fixed.

UPDATE - RESOLVED 10:40PM GMTWe are back live. The Xero Operations team is currently investigating root causes, continuing to monitor the situation.


On 15 February at 9:53 PM GMT we experienced a 40 minute outage to our services.

The root cause analysis has identified a bug in our management software that impacted a change to our infrastructure load balancers.

We were unable to back out the change as quickly as hoped and apologise to customers for the inconvenience and interruption to service.



New Xero Touch on Android for 2014

Xero Touch for Android

It’s here! The all-new version of Xero Touch for Android is available today for download from Google Play. We have completely rebuilt the application – it’s fast, slick, and awesome and we can’t wait for you to try it out.

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Xero appoints Board Chairman, Director, and CEO for North America

A bit of news from us today.

Xero Limited (XRO) has bolstered its Board and US management team with the appointment of a new Board Chairman, adding a further US based Director, and establishing a new role of CEO, North America following its $US150 million capital raise in October 2013.

Chris Liddell takes on the role as Board Chairman, Bill Veghte has been appointed as a Director, and Peter Karpas will lead the US team as CEO, North America.

Xero CEO and Founder Rod Drury says, “As you would expect from a fast expanding software company, our strategy is to increase US representation on our Board. These three high calibre appointments are all significant additions to our American-based leadership team and position us strongly in the US and globally. Adding their combined experience and capabilities will help us become the global leader in small business financial software.”

Chris Liddell as Chairman of the Board of Xero Limited

New York based Chris Liddell has been appointed as independent Chairman of the Board of Xero Limited, replacing Sam Knowles who has resigned as Director and Chairman of Xero Limited effective today.

Liddell most recently worked with General Motors where he held the Vice Chairman and CFO roles since joining the organisation in January 2010. He led the company’s global finance operations and its US$23 billion IPO in November 2010.

Prior to General Motors, Liddell held the Senior Vice President and CFO roles at Microsoft between 2005 to 2009, served as CFO of International Paper from 2003 – 2005 and held the CFO role at Carter Holt Harvey from 1995 to 1998 before becoming CEO in 1999.

Departing Chairman of the board Sam Knowles sees Xero’s move to a US-based Chairman as the next logical move for Xero’s transition to a global business.

Xero CEO Rod Drury says, “Sam has helped guide us through a period of rapid global expansion to over 600 people operating across four countries. His experience ensured we put in place the right foundations, systems and processes that enabled us to scale, while retaining our nimbleness and culture. We thank him for his enormous contribution and leadership.”

Bill Veghte appointed Director, based in the US

Based in San Francisco, Bill Veghte has been appointed as an independent nonexecutive Director of Xero Limited. Bill runs HP’s Enterprise Group where he is Executive Vice President and General Manager. In his role, he is responsible for the development and delivery of IT infrastructure solutions and the direction, management, and delivery of HP’s cloud efforts.

HP’s Enterprise Group is a US$28 billion annual revenue business that includes server, storage, networking, technology services, and cloud solutions.

Prior to HP, Veghte spent nearly 20 years at Microsoft where he held roles such as Corporate Vice President for Windows Server, then Corporate Vice President, North America before acting in the role of Senior Vice President until May 2010.

Peter Karpas appointed to new role of CEO, North America

Peter Karpas will assume the new role of CEO, North America. Peter joins Xero from PayPal where he recently held the position of Vice President and General Manager, North America for Small & Medium Business. Karpas has also held a number of senior roles at Intuit, including Chief Marketing and Product Management Officer and Senior Vice President.

Xero CEO Rod Drury comments “We are thrilled to have Peter join our team and lead our US business. His proven leadership, comprehensive familiarity with the B2B market in North America in both accounting and payments will help our drive for growth in the USA where there are over 29 million small businesses.”

Peter’s appointment will be effective as of 24 February, 2014.


The HR challenges of a fast-growth business

Anne Allen from Xero accounting softwarePart 1: Energy, engagement and enthusiasm

Xero is growing quickly in the UK. After operating as a start-up with people working from home and carrying out a whole range of activities to grow the business, we’re now an SME in our own right and part of a global organisation with astronomic aspiration and potential.

In common with many new, fast-growing companies there are some big challenges that we face in the HR team. How best to hire the right people? How can we retain our core talent? What are the best HR systems and processes to deliver on our business strategy?

Of the many potential issues and opportunities, keeping our employees engaged is one of the most important.

In the first of an ongoing series exploring these HR challenges, we’re going to look at the problem of keeping the natural energy, engagement and positive culture of a start-up alive as the business grows and takes on new people.

Going on the HR journey together

First off, an admission. I’m new too – I’ve not yet been in the role three months, so this is a journey that the business and I are going on together. I’ve joined Xero UK at an incredibly exciting time in its development. We’re growing fast and, as the UK’s HR Manager, I’m going to be involved in hiring a lot of new ‘Xero Heroes’ over the next few months. It’s a brilliant opportunity, both for me and anyone else who’s recently joined or who is about to join the team.

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Xero TV: all our videos in one easy location

Over the years we’ve built up a great collection of videos – how-to videos, videos covering Xero essentials, and case studies. But the videos were sometimes hard to find, as they were spread all over our website, blog and other places. So we created Xero TV to bring it all together.

Xero TV is ( a one stop shop for all video content on We now have all our videos in one convenient place that gives you a powerful learning tool at your fingertips, offering engaging video-based learning journeys and exciting updates.

We want it to be the fastest and easiest way for you to access our range of video content.

But we think Xero TV speaks for itself. Check it out and let us know what you think!

 Xero TV on any device


Our biggest Xero Roadshow yet!

I’ve been on many road trips in my life, but never one as big as this. The Xero Roadshow for Australia covers 20 cities – from Bendigo, all the way up to Darwin. It has an audience of over 5,000 accountants and bookkeepers in attendance, so it’s no wonder the nerves have kicked in a little!

Xero roadshow audience in Australia

With more and more businesses heading to the cloud, it’s an exciting time to be getting up in front of so many people to chat about cloud technology, market updates and other exciting news from Xero.

Of course, I won’t be the only one speaking. You’ll also get to hear from Xero product, Tax and partner specialists – plus we’ll have 38 exhibitors (across the 20 events), giving you ample opportunity to explore the App ecosystem that is continually evolving. And we encourage you, as always, to ask questions, network and start a dialogue.

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Developer Lunch Box series soon to return

We are excited to announce that our “Developer Lunch Box” series, aimed at giving prospective employees a taste of what it’s like to work for Xero, will be up and running again soon at Xero in Auckland and Wellington.

We ran our last session in October last year and had lots of interest – more than we had space for! In the end, 15 attendees were selected to come and have lunch on us where they got to meet and speak with CEO Rod Drury, and heard from early Xero employee Kirk Jackson who provided great insight into the development of the Xero platform.

Xero Developer Lunch Box

Here’s some of the feedback from last year’s session:

“I loved the expression of interest gathering!  It was a wonderful way to get insights into what makes Xero a great company to work for.  To an outsider, it provided a meaningful perspective by having key people involved with its success share their stories.” – Dirk

“Firstly, thank you for having me yesterday. It was great to get some insights into Xero. I, along with two other attendees got a bit of a guided tour around the office and I found this extremely helpful. “ – Jie

We have since hired Jie and Dirk!

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Xero Performance Issues

Production Performance issues: 27th Jan GMT – current

Xero’s performance monitoring has indicated slowdowns within the Xero App. This will result in occasional but widespread slowness loading pages within Xero. The performance degradation appears to be related to load, with performance returning to normal after peak load times (9pm-5am GMT).

The Operations and Development teams are investigating this as our highest priority. We will continue to update this blog with more developments until performance is returned to normal. The next update will be at 8:30pm Weds 29th Jan GMT.

Our apologies for the delay in posting this notification. We have been actively working on a fix for the issue since noticing it yesterday and hoped to have it resolved this morning. This afternoon it became apparent that our initial fix had not worked and the issue may be on-going.

We acknowledge the frustration this may be causing for users, and thank you for your support while we pull out all the stops to get this fixed.


Performance Issues Update:  8:30pm Weds 29th Jan GMT

The team has been working overnight on the performance problem. We’re following several leads about what could be causing slowdowns in web page load times and we’re working closely with our technology partners for diagnostics.

At this point we do not have an ETA for a fix but will update with more progress by 12am Thurs 30th Jan GMT.


Performance Issues Update:  12am Thurs 30th Jan GMT

We have made changes in the Xero environment and performance has improved compared to the same time yesterday.

Performance is still not as good as we would like so we continue to focus on this issue as our highest priority.

The team is preparing more changes to bring performance back inline with our expectations and we’ll be applying these through the day.

We will update the blog again at 4:30am Thurs 30th GMT


Performance Issues Update: 4:30am Thurs 30th GMT

The changes made today have improved performance. We are still seeing some slowdowns though. The team is continuing to chase them with deep diagnostics and help from our technology partners.

We’ll be working through the evening on improving performance, and will update the blog with more news at 8:30pm Thurs Jan 30 GMT.


Performance Issues Update: 8:30pm Thurs Jan 30 GMT.

The team’s work overnight has resulted in substantial performance improvements. However we are still seeing very occasional slowdowns.

We are continuing to investigate and will make performance improving changes throughout the day.

The blog will be updated again at 2am Fri 31st Jan GMT.


Performance Issues Update: 2am Fri 31st Jan GMT

We have rolled out further changes which have improved Xero performance overall. We’re monitoring these changes to ensure that they have made sufficient improvement. The team is on standby to continue diagnostics if performance drops again.

We will update the blog 9:00pm Sun, Feb 2 GMT at the latest, earlier if performance worsens.


Performance Issues Update: 9:00pm Sun, Feb 2 GMT.

We have implemented changes that have improved application performance across the board. We are continuing to monitor the system but at this stage we believe the performance issue is resolved.

If you are seeing on-going issues, please contact Customer Care with details and we will investigate.



Heads up – a new Xero header

An eagle-eyed tweeter spotted this last week.

Tweet about the Xero header

Oh, the intrigue! Well, I’m pleased to be able to confirm we’re changing the look of the header in Xero – in fact, this will become the standard for Xero including the Practice Studio suite of MyXero, Workpapers and Practice Manager for accountants.

As well as providing a more consistent look and feel across all of Xero’s applications, this change will also make it easier for us to deliver new shared features. A good example of this is the ability to search for an organisation – see below.

The change will be rolled out next Monday and since a few things have moved around a bit, I thought I’d let you know what to expect ahead of time.

Where’s the logout link?

Access to the logout link and to your user profile can be found by clicking on your name at the top right of the screen.

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Australian Tax Team gets a new home

Xero has recently opened its second Melbourne office, home to the Melbourne development teams.

The space is next door to the current Melbourne office and it’s been designed to allow us to further expand the development team without having to move in the near future. There’s plenty of room for agile boards, TVs for product reviews, wall space aplenty for our designers to re-imagine solutions and of course the mandatory coffee machine and beer fridge. However, the most important decision has yet to be made – foosball table or mini-golf course?

Australian team based in Melbourne's second Xero office

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