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Xero Add-on partners growing & listing

It is great to see not just one, but two Xero Add-on partners in the news today.

GeoOp listed

Field service and job management Add-on partner GeoOp recently announced a NZ$10m funding round, and listed today on the New Zealand NZAX exchange.

GeoOp listing

The team at GeoOp

Unleashed closes funding round

Not to be outdone, inventory management Add-on partner Unleashed Software today announced they have secured NZ $4m in new funding to continue their expansion into Australian and US markets. More on this at

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Cashflow forecasting and budgeting with Float

floatFloat brings simple cashflow forecasting and budgeting to the cloud. Designed to be simple and easy to use, you can be up and forecasting in just a few minutes.

Handy features like scenario planning for potential issues and seasonality means you can get rid of the spreadsheets and rely on an app that makes forecasting easy enough so that anyone can use it. It syncs with Xero so your forecast is always up to date.

Who is it for?

Float has been designed so anyone that runs a small business can use it to plan their future cash flow. There are plans that cover everyone from sole traders right through to larger finance teams.

And just like Xero, you can invite your accountant in to help out too.

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A blueprint for Farming

One of our objectives this year was to make some progress on Xero for Farming. Today we’re releasing a Farming Integration guide that provides a blueprint for seamless farming and accounting software. We have a number of providers with solutions in progress.

Farm solutions have traditionally included farm management and accounting. They are also traditionally disconnected from other software. The farmer works away on forecasts, livestock and fertilizer planning on their software while the accountant in town often processes bank transactions from the bank statements – the same work being done twice.

We’re solving this problem by helping farm solution providers use our API to connect the farm management side of their business to accounting in Xero. Here’s our thinking:

How Xero works with farming

If you’re an accountant with farming clients, or if you develop farming solutions, you can see the detail behind this diagram along with a roadmap in our farming integration guide. Continue reading ›


Xero and Expensify – a match made in paperless heaven

Expensify Add-on Partner

We are thrilled to announce Expensify’s integration with Xero.

The Expensify team have a simple goal – expense reports that don’t suck.

With Expensify you can quickly add cash expenses, automatically import all card transactions, capture mileage, time and other reimbursable/billable expenses. You can also code expenses to GL accounts, clients/projects, and custom fields.

Expensify has you covered on the road, too. With mobile apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile you can track trips, mileage and time.

Xero and Expensify
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Custom applications for unique organizations

Spotlight Dashboard Add-on Partner

We regularly showcase Add-on partners in the Xero blog, but there is another category of partners out there using the Xero API – Xero Developers.

Xero Developers can be found in the Add-on directory, and have been certified by the Xero API team to be competent in developing custom applications or providing integrations between existing applications and Xero.

One of our longest standing Xero Developer partners is EndGame. The CEO of EndGame, Andrew Butel, is himself an ex-Xero employee so has an intimate knowledge of the Xero application.

We are keen to highlight the great work our developer partners are doing, and EndGame’s case study of its work on for Maori Women’s Development, Inc (MWDI) is a great example of this, developing an internal reporting system that extends Xero, allowing for the improved administration and management of its loan portfolio.

Maori Women's Development application screen

This is a great example of taking the Xero product and extending it to a specific need through the use of an integrated application, seamlessly communicating back and forth with Xero through the Xero API.

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Add-on reviews – Round 1 to MinuteDock

Since we launched the Add-on reviews feature in the Xero community, we have seen a sporting rivalry between some of our top Add-on partners, all of them vying for the title of having the most Add-on reviews.

So we put out the challenge – who could garner the most customer reviews in the first month?

Well, the clear winner is MinuteDock with 45 reviews so far.

Add-on reviews

MinuteDock have been a Xero Add-on partner for nearly 4 years now, and are a local Wellington based company. It is great to see that as the ecosystem expands globally, our long standing partners can still teach the new kids a few tricks!

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API updates for easier integrations

Tony Rule at Xerocon Developer Day in Sydney

As announced at the recent Xerocon Dev Day in Sydney, our latest API updates – v2.27 and v2.28, are stacked with improvements to make your integrations that little bit easier.

Credit note refunds via the API are now supported. This offers the opportunity for more advanced job management, ecommerce and retail integrations with Xero.

We’ve added quite a few additional elements on GET requests so you can access things like discount rates, batch payment details and tax rate component details.

Default payment terms are now accessible, both at an organisation-wide level and also for individual contacts. These defaults are only applied in the Xero app, but are useful if you want to retrieve the Xero defaults so you can offer these as options in your app too.

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Xerocon Sydney 2013 wrap up (+ award pics)

Xerocon Sydney 2013 is over. See our Live Blogs Day 1 and Day 2 and to get an overall sense of it visit the Flikr stream.

We were overjoyed with the turnout of over 900 people in what is now easily Australia’s largest technology conference for the accounting industry. It’s a big statement and one I wouldn’t have believed possible after the first of our annual conferences in Melbourne in 2011 with a modest 130 partners in tow.

Xerocon 2013

Thank you everyone who made the content so relevant and compelling. We had over 40 speakers over the two days. Many were partners who gave up their time to provide valuable insights and practical lessons learned in their journey to the cloud.

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Xerocon All Stars band 2013

Xerocon Awards Stage

A huge highlight of the Xerocon Sydney 2013 Awards Dinner on Friday was the band entirely made up of Xero staff and partners. A call went out beforehand to staff and Xero partners to see what talent was out there and we received an amazing response. People with an amazing range of talents and interest in different genres from Funk, Jazz, Metal, Rock and Classical. From managing directors to bookkeeping singing teachers, everyone brought something special to the table.

Larissa McKay sang beautifully performing her own material during the solo sessions and there were booming renditions of Joe Cocker by Wayne Triplett – it was hard to believe that this was his first time singing in a band.

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Xerocon Sydney 2013 – Day 2 Live!

If you haven’t seen it, note yesterday’s Live Blog

We’re back for Day 2 at Xerocon Sydney. To get you warmed up, while we’re waiting for everything to kick off, check out this time lapse photo of yesterday’s exhibition area from our photographer for the event Alexander Kesselaar, if it doesn’t show then try clicking on this link.

Don’t forget to check back regularly. Follow twitter activity on #xerocon or see the #xerocon wall on Also, there’s loads more photos during the day in our flickr album

Peter Switzer is back, giving a bit of kudos to the event, especially the audience, announcing some prize winners, a bit of housekeeping, a bit of self-promo (obligatory book being held up – bit of a laugh) and why not! A great choice for MC.

Peter Switzer 2

Let’s get on with the show!


Xero Australia Managing Director Chris Ridd is up and this will be both a celebration of what Xero and partners have achieved as well as where together we can go in Australia. Think of the first Australian Xerocon with 130 people compared to the crowd we have today, and as Chris says, it’s only just beginning.

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