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Turn unpaid invoices into money in the bank with Fundbox

Fundbox funding

Fundbox helps business owners improve their cash flow by transferring the amount of outstanding invoices to their bank accounts.

It provides a quick and simple way to improve your cash flow by advancing unpaid invoices.  You’ll repay the amount over a 90 day period along with a small fee. You have the option to repay the full amount at any time and Fundbox will reimburse all the fees for the remaining period.

Who is it for?

It can work for any business that sends invoices or sells on credit. From creative professionals to manufacturing, any business wanting to improve their cash flow should consider Fundbox as a way to get cash into their bank faster.

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Better legal practice management with Clio

Clio Legal practice management softwareClio is cloud-based Legal Practice Management software for small-mid sized law firms.

From unique ‘matter-centric’ task management workflows to robust time and billing, Clio is packed with great functionality and reporting.
It even helps law firms manage documents and collaborate with clients – all in the cloud.

Who is Clio for?

Clio is for law firms looking to better manage their entire business from virtually any internet connected device.

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Xero API in 2013: lots done, bring on 2014

Today the Xero API team shipped their final release for 2013, adding support for creating accounts via the API.

What is most notable for me is the pace at which the  API development teams are delivering really useful improvements to the Core accounting and payroll APIs – API users are loving it.

Xero API product manager Tony Rule reckons his team has shipped six major feature releases in the last 12 weeks alone, but he might be under selling it a bit – this is just a flavour of what the team has achieved in 2013:

Xero API 2013 timeline

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Insight, funding and know-how with BodeTree

provides financial insight, access to capital and business education for small business owners.

BodeTree enables you to secure the right funding for your company by building a loan application from your company’s own financial data. This ensures you are connected with the right funding sources. Business owners gain insight into their business in order to make key decisions. You’ll see the financial health of your company, what your company is worth and how you stack up against your competition.

Who is BodeTree for?

BodeTree is for business owners seeking greater insight and guidance on how to improve their company.

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Dev Academy – better devs, bootcamp-style

Enspiral Dev Academy logoThis week’s launch of Enspiral Dev Academy is great news for Wellington businesses looking to hire developers and might just work.

A recent comment on our Community site illustrates why and put a smile on my face (which, on this particular thread was something). I had mentioned that Xero have resource constraints like most companies. A contributor replied,

Community Message in Xero

Not an unreasonable reaction (by the way, we did deliver Purchase Orders in November. Phew!) but it assumes money is the primary constraint to hiring people rather than the availability of the appropriate talent. I don’t know anyone in Wellington (or anywhere for that matter) saying, “well, if only I had the money, I’d be able to hire just the right person”. The right people are incredibly hard to find and hiring the wrong people is expensive.

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Manage projects with Copper

copperCopper project management software makes project management easy by letting you quickly create project plans, add people and get things started.

It has a comprehensive set of features like time tracking, tasks, files, team, supplier and client management.

The calendar feature is great way to get a personalized view of tasks and work coming up.

Who is Copper for?

Anyone that needs to organise tasks, projects or track time will find Copper worth checking out. Current clients include agencies, marketers, consultants and according to the video below, rocket makers…

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The Xero platform – what’s under the hood

The Xero platform is one of the keys to Xero’s success. The software is built around a solid global accounting engine designed for the cloud to connect small businesses and their business advisors.

The Xero platform from the early days

We started with a big vision and were fortunate to have the resources for real research and development to build the accounting system we always wanted. It has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build the foundations without constraint. This is what makes Xero unique, we had no legacy and were able to build it right.

Check out this video with Kirk Jackson, one of the very first developers at Xero. Together we go behind the scenes on the development of the software from the early days and how some great technical decisions are allowing for continuous innovation from Xero in the small business and accounting markets.

It’s these foundations, and the Xero platform, that allow Xero to move much faster than the incumbents.

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Xero Add-on partners growing & listing

It is great to see not just one, but two Xero Add-on partners in the news today.

GeoOp listed

Field service and job management Add-on partner GeoOp recently announced a NZ$10m funding round, and listed today on the New Zealand NZAX exchange.

GeoOp listing

The team at GeoOp

Unleashed closes funding round

Not to be outdone, inventory management Add-on partner Unleashed Software today announced they have secured NZ $4m in new funding to continue their expansion into Australian and US markets. More on this at

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Cashflow forecasting and budgeting with Float

floatFloat brings simple cashflow forecasting and budgeting to the cloud. Designed to be simple and easy to use, you can be up and forecasting in just a few minutes.

Handy features like scenario planning for potential issues and seasonality means you can get rid of the spreadsheets and rely on an app that makes forecasting easy enough so that anyone can use it. It syncs with Xero so your forecast is always up to date.

Who is it for?

Float has been designed so anyone that runs a small business can use it to plan their future cash flow. There are plans that cover everyone from sole traders right through to larger finance teams.

And just like Xero, you can invite your accountant in to help out too.

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A blueprint for Farming

One of our objectives this year was to make some progress on Xero for Farming. Today we’re releasing a Farming Integration guide that provides a blueprint for seamless farming and accounting software. We have a number of providers with solutions in progress.

Farm solutions have traditionally included farm management and accounting. They are also traditionally disconnected from other software. The farmer works away on forecasts, livestock and fertilizer planning on their software while the accountant in town often processes bank transactions from the bank statements – the same work being done twice.

We’re solving this problem by helping farm solution providers use our API to connect the farm management side of their business to accounting in Xero. Here’s our thinking:

How Xero works with farming

If you’re an accountant with farming clients, or if you develop farming solutions, you can see the detail behind this diagram along with a roadmap in our farming integration guide. Continue reading ›