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Re-Leased: Property management software

Re-Leased Xero Add-on
Re-Leased is a cloud-based property management software which is making life easier for property owners and managers across the world.

Re-Leased provides powerful tools to automate and simplify much of the tenant and property management process allowing landlords and managers to spend less time on administration, and more time growing their property portfolio.

Who is it for?

Re-Leased is suitable for two key groups: property managers and property owners. This can include private investors, real estate agents, family trusts, government agencies, syndications, accountants and lawyers.

Re-Leased has been built specifically for commercial and larger residential property companies. Typically, users manage between $1 million and $500 million dollar property portfolios.

How it works with Xero

Re-Leased pushes and pulls all invoices, contacts, tax types, accounts and tracking categories from the Xero API. It can automatically generate rent and property expense invoices and send them to Xero via the API. “Our integration has allowed our users to reduce their administration time by up to three days a month. We are about to hit $500 million dollars of invoices synced in the past 6 months.” – Tom Wallace, Re-Leased Founder & CEO.

Where can you use it?

Re-Leased is 100% cloud based and can be used anywhere, anytime through any browser based device. Being cloud based, Re-Leased enables you to be mobile. They also have iPhone and Android applications in development which are due to be launched this year.

Try Re-Leased today, for free.

Sign up with Re-Leased today and receive a 30 day, no obligations, free trial.
Not sure if Re-Leased is right for you? Schedule a demo with the Re-Leased team to find out more.


Developer Lunch Box series soon to return

We are excited to announce that our “Developer Lunch Box” series, aimed at giving prospective employees a taste of what it’s like to work for Xero, will be up and running again soon at Xero in Auckland and Wellington.

We ran our last session in October last year and had lots of interest – more than we had space for! In the end, 15 attendees were selected to come and have lunch on us where they got to meet and speak with CEO Rod Drury, and heard from early Xero employee Kirk Jackson who provided great insight into the development of the Xero platform.

Xero Developer Lunch Box

Here’s some of the feedback from last year’s session:

“I loved the expression of interest gathering!  It was a wonderful way to get insights into what makes Xero a great company to work for.  To an outsider, it provided a meaningful perspective by having key people involved with its success share their stories.” – Dirk

“Firstly, thank you for having me yesterday. It was great to get some insights into Xero. I, along with two other attendees got a bit of a guided tour around the office and I found this extremely helpful. “ – Jie

We have since hired Jie and Dirk!

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Squarespace Commerce: Everything you need to sell online – now with Beautiful Accounting!

Squarespace and XeroSquarespace is an all-in-one website publishing platform featuring a completely integrated commerce solution that makes selling online easy.

The platform provides everything you need to begin selling physical goods, digital goods – or even services right from your custom website. Squarespace’s flexible platform and their commerce integration with Xero are specifically designed to grow with your business needs.

Who is it for?

Squarespace’s commerce offering is for anyone who wants to start selling online. Checkout their awesome website builder here:

How Squarespace works with Xero

The integration allows you to easily connect your Squarespace account with Xero and  automatically sync every component of every incoming order. Setup is quick and easy, and makes use of some of Xero’s latest API enhancements – including syncing of tax rates and configuration of your chart of accounts. Your sales will be automatically mapped to the appropriate place within your Xero account, making it easy to keep track of your revenue, expenses, and tax liabilities with Xero.

Where you can use Squarespace

Squarespace’s website builder works globally, however their commerce tools work only in markets where Stripe’s payment gateway operates. For the time being, the Xero integration is only live in the US. It will roll out soon in the UK, and then Australia once Stripe leaves Beta.


Xero integration included with Squarespace’s business package. See current pricing.

A special Squarespace’s offer for Xero customers

You can save 10% off your first Squarespace purchase by using offer code XERO upon checkout.


Turn unpaid invoices into money in the bank with Fundbox

Fundbox funding

Fundbox helps business owners improve their cash flow by transferring the amount of outstanding invoices to their bank accounts.

It provides a quick and simple way to improve your cash flow by advancing unpaid invoices.  You’ll repay the amount over a 90 day period along with a small fee. You have the option to repay the full amount at any time and Fundbox will reimburse all the fees for the remaining period.

Who is it for?

It can work for any business that sends invoices or sells on credit. From creative professionals to manufacturing, any business wanting to improve their cash flow should consider Fundbox as a way to get cash into their bank faster.

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Better legal practice management with Clio

Clio Legal practice management softwareClio is cloud-based Legal Practice Management software for small-mid sized law firms.

From unique ‘matter-centric’ task management workflows to robust time and billing, Clio is packed with great functionality and reporting.
It even helps law firms manage documents and collaborate with clients – all in the cloud.

Who is Clio for?

Clio is for law firms looking to better manage their entire business from virtually any internet connected device.

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Xero API in 2013: lots done, bring on 2014

Today the Xero API team shipped their final release for 2013, adding support for creating accounts via the API.

What is most notable for me is the pace at which the  API development teams are delivering really useful improvements to the Core accounting and payroll APIs – API users are loving it.

Xero API product manager Tony Rule reckons his team has shipped six major feature releases in the last 12 weeks alone, but he might be under selling it a bit – this is just a flavour of what the team has achieved in 2013:

Xero API 2013 timeline

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Insight, funding and know-how with BodeTree

provides financial insight, access to capital and business education for small business owners.

BodeTree enables you to secure the right funding for your company by building a loan application from your company’s own financial data. This ensures you are connected with the right funding sources. Business owners gain insight into their business in order to make key decisions. You’ll see the financial health of your company, what your company is worth and how you stack up against your competition.

Who is BodeTree for?

BodeTree is for business owners seeking greater insight and guidance on how to improve their company.

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Dev Academy – better devs, bootcamp-style

Enspiral Dev Academy logoThis week’s launch of Enspiral Dev Academy is great news for Wellington businesses looking to hire developers and might just work.

A recent comment on our Community site illustrates why and put a smile on my face (which, on this particular thread was something). I had mentioned that Xero have resource constraints like most companies. A contributor replied,

Community Message in Xero

Not an unreasonable reaction (by the way, we did deliver Purchase Orders in November. Phew!) but it assumes money is the primary constraint to hiring people rather than the availability of the appropriate talent. I don’t know anyone in Wellington (or anywhere for that matter) saying, “well, if only I had the money, I’d be able to hire just the right person”. The right people are incredibly hard to find and hiring the wrong people is expensive.

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Manage projects with Copper

copperCopper project management software makes project management easy by letting you quickly create project plans, add people and get things started.

It has a comprehensive set of features like time tracking, tasks, files, team, supplier and client management.

The calendar feature is great way to get a personalized view of tasks and work coming up.

Who is Copper for?

Anyone that needs to organise tasks, projects or track time will find Copper worth checking out. Current clients include agencies, marketers, consultants and according to the video below, rocket makers…

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The Xero platform – what’s under the hood

The Xero platform is one of the keys to Xero’s success. The software is built around a solid global accounting engine designed for the cloud to connect small businesses and their business advisors.

The Xero platform from the early days

We started with a big vision and were fortunate to have the resources for real research and development to build the accounting system we always wanted. It has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build the foundations without constraint. This is what makes Xero unique, we had no legacy and were able to build it right.

Check out this video with Kirk Jackson, one of the very first developers at Xero. Together we go behind the scenes on the development of the software from the early days and how some great technical decisions are allowing for continuous innovation from Xero in the small business and accounting markets.

It’s these foundations, and the Xero platform, that allow Xero to move much faster than the incumbents.

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