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US businesses: Win a business makeover and feature on MSNBC

Do you know a U.S. small business in need of a financial makeover? We’re teaming up with our add-on partner BodeTree to give a business the opportunity to get advice from a team of experts and be featured in an episode of MSNBC’s “Your Business” later this year.

The makeover will consist of financial experts analyzing the operations of the winning business and providing feedback they can use to become more successful. Here’s how Bodetree helped an auto shop capitalize on hidden opportunities:

Entry is simple. Tell your company’s story and provide three reasons for why it needs a makeover.

Our panel will then review each applicant and reach out to the compelling entrants  for more information. To be eligible for this contest, the business must be located in the continental U.S., use Xero as their primary accounting platform and connect a free BodeTree profile to their Xero account.

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Xero Partner Awards recognise outstanding performance in 2013

Xerocon New Zealand 2014 closed on a high as we celebrated the contribution of some of New Zealand’s leading small business experts at the Xero Partner Awards dinner on Friday evening.

Honoring our partners’ increasing innovation and enthusiasm, we presented nine awards ranging from the Accounting Partner of the Year to the Xero MVP Award, which celebrates the winner’s impact on the accountancy profession in 2013.

These awards are a wonderful opportunity for us to acknowledge our partners for their provision of Xero services and corresponding delivery of high quality marketing.

Congratulations to the winners!

Accounting Partner of the Year 2013

Curtis McLean (now Deloitte Private) –  Wellington

Xerocon Partner Awards

Long standing Xero partner Curtis McLean has been recognised for its contribution to referring new organisations to Xero, and as a thought leader in acquiring and retaining clients.

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Xerocon New Zealand 2014 – Day Two

When I attended my first Xerocon in 2013 after five weeks with Xero, I immediately sensed an air of excitement that resembled what I imagine a revival or a movement would be like. The same feeling arose this year as I watched accountants and bookkeepers flow into the Viaduct Events Centre, ready for what Xerocon New Zealand 2014 would have to offer.

In my keynote this morning, I referred to Simon Sinek’s ‘The Golden Circle’, which talks about how great leaders inspire action. Most organisations know what they do and how they do it, but very few know why. It’s not just about making money, it’s about a purpose and a belief, and that’s what I’ve come to see in Xero. We’ve got a purpose, a cause and a belief in what we do and our partners believe it too.

Amanda Armstrong at Xerocon 2014

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A fireside chat – Xerocon New Zealand 2014

A group of New Zealand’s top media and accounting partners joined Rod Drury, Amanda Armstrong and Stuart McLean for an intimate fireside chat (minus the fire, ‘cos it’s mid-summer in Auckland) at Generator last night, following day one of Xerocon New Zealand 2014.

Xerocon Fireside Chat

Accounting partners Edwin Read from Rightway - an innovative, 100% Xero firm based in Martinborough, and Neil Sinclair from Winstanley Kerridge joined the group for a chinwag, as well as Dr Michael Fraser from NZICA and Russell Jones from ASB.

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Xerocon New Zealand 2014 – Day One

More than 900 accounting, bookkeeping and add-on partners flooded into the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland this morning for Xerocon New Zealand 2014. The line was long, but we got everyone inside eventually!

Xero minis at Xerocon New Zealand 2014

MC Petra Bagust kicked things off this morning. She was excited, talking about our values – love, beauty, transformation, fun. She described the atmosphere as majestic, magnificent, amazing and life-changing. “This is the kind of conference I want to be involved in!” she said. Same!

Petra Bagust emcees at Xerocon New Zealand 2014

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Financial Advisors Wealth Enhancers reach Gold status

The momentum we’re seeing in the Financial Advisor space is continuing to grow: Wealth Enhancers is the first Financial Advisor to reach Gold Partner status, with over 100 clients on Xero Cashbook.

Wealth Enhancers pose for a photo after becoming Xero's first Australian Financial Advisor to reach Gold status

Picture L-R:  Finn Kelly, CEO, Wealth Enhancers, Sarah Riegelhuth, Co-Founder, Wealth Enhancers, Trent Innes, National Sales Director, Xero Australia

Here’s the media release on the announcement

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Suits you, sir! The change from corporate to casual

I’ve just joined the Xero UK team as the new marketing communications writer in our UK marketing team. It’s been a mind-boggling few weeks, learning all the new systems, finding my feet and meeting all the great people that make up the UK team.

But one thing that’s really stood out is the dress code at Xero – or to be more exact, the lack of one. It’s definitely been a change from corporate to casual. I’ve come from a big, professional services organisation where ‘business casual’ still means ‘you can take your tie off if you’re feeling really daring’. But at Xero, and in the tech world in general, it’s much more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda vibe – and that’s truly been a breath of fresh air for me.

Steve Ash, Xero marketing communications writer

Wave goodbye to the suit and tie

There was a time when a suit and tie was a prerequisite for doing ‘serious business’ in most industries. If you wanted to create a professional impression, you put on the old ‘whistle and flute’, got suited, booted and attired with your most impressive neck tie and prepared yourself to deliver a very serious handshake.

But times have changed. In the 21st century the monopoly of the suit and tie and the power suit has been well and truly challenged. Some of the world’s biggest companies are in the software and tech sectors. And the relaxed, informal influence of Silicon Valley hasn’t just been limited to how we use technology on a day-to-day basis – it’s also influenced our expectations of what suitable business attire is.

We love the t-shirts!

When I first met Gary Turner, our UK managing director, he was sporting a Xero t-shirt, jeans and jacket – and that’s pretty much the way we roll here. There are no suits, there are no ties. The informality and entrepreneurial spirit of Xero is reflected in the way we dress – and that’s a great way to define our brand in an accountancy industry that can sometimes be a little reluctant to ditch the formal business suit.

To underline this, Gary even joked recently on Twitter that he was wearing a suit to an awards ceremony, only for clients to react in mock horror. ‘But we love the t-shirts!’, they responded. So clearly this laid-back approach is one that resonates with our customers.

Dressing down and loving it

So, do I miss dressing in a formal way? Hell no! The suit still clings on for life in some industries but it was never a look I felt comfortable with. You only have to take a commuter train into the city to realise that the suit is still alive and well in some industries. But there’s a definite shift amongst forward-thinking business to move away from rigid dress codes, and Xero are certainly leading the charge.

We’re increasingly working with C-suite level people and entrepreneurs, of both sexes, taking a more informal, casual approach to their clothing. And a relaxed view towards clothing says as much about a company’s brand as their advertising, marketing and PR does – seeing a successful, ambitious CEO building an empire whilst wearing jeans and t-shirt sends out a very powerful message. Steve Jobs’ jeans and black polo-neck sweater signature look was as instantly recognisable as the Apple logo. And the informality of his clothing told you a lot about the culture in his organisation.

A new wardrobe, a new outlook

So, I think I’ll be clearing out my wardrobe in the near future and consigning the business trousers and plain shirts to the bin. I’m really enjoying being more informal about what I wear to work – and it  definitely feels more ‘me’. I’m no longer working to a template – I can choose to wear whatever I’m comfortable in, and that’s a real bonus in any job.

I might draw the line at wearing a tiger-print onesie to the next meeting, though…

Steve Ash is the marketing communications writer in our UK marketing team. If you’d like to come to work in a t-shirt, why not look at our careers page.



New Xero Touch on Android for 2014

Xero Touch for Android

It’s here! The all-new version of Xero Touch for Android is available today for download from Google Play. We have completely rebuilt the application – it’s fast, slick, and awesome and we can’t wait for you to try it out.

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How purchase orders improve small business

If you’re a small business operator, and thought purchase orders were just for large business, check out our video explaining how they could help you too.


Re-Leased: Property management software

Re-Leased Xero Add-on
Re-Leased is a cloud-based property management software which is making life easier for property owners and managers across the world.

Re-Leased provides powerful tools to automate and simplify much of the tenant and property management process allowing landlords and managers to spend less time on administration, and more time growing their property portfolio.

Who is it for?

Re-Leased is suitable for two key groups: property managers and property owners. This can include private investors, real estate agents, family trusts, government agencies, syndications, accountants and lawyers.

Re-Leased has been built specifically for commercial and larger residential property companies. Typically, users manage between $1 million and $500 million dollar property portfolios.

How it works with Xero

Re-Leased pushes and pulls all invoices, contacts, tax types, accounts and tracking categories from the Xero API. It can automatically generate rent and property expense invoices and send them to Xero via the API. “Our integration has allowed our users to reduce their administration time by up to three days a month. We are about to hit $500 million dollars of invoices synced in the past 6 months.” – Tom Wallace, Re-Leased Founder & CEO.

Where can you use it?

Re-Leased is 100% cloud based and can be used anywhere, anytime through any browser based device. Being cloud based, Re-Leased enables you to be mobile. They also have iPhone and Android applications in development which are due to be launched this year.

Try Re-Leased today, for free.

Sign up with Re-Leased today and receive a 30 day, no obligations, free trial.
Not sure if Re-Leased is right for you? Schedule a demo with the Re-Leased team to find out more.