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How purchase orders improve small business

If you’re a small business operator, and thought purchase orders were just for large business, check out our video explaining how they could help you too.


Powerful business planning with LivePlan

LivePlan is a cloud based solution from Palo Alto Software – veterans in the business planning space. It can help you with everything from pitch creation and business planning to ongoing financial management. By connecting Xero to LivePlan, you can analyze your accounting information in real-time in order to keep your business on track.

Business planning is a great tool for any business. In fact, a Cranfield University study proved that those who write and track their  business plan experience 30% more growth potential than those who don’t engage in planning.

Who is it for?

LivePlan is for both established business owners and entrepreneurs who are just getting their ideas off the ground. Its functionality allows you to:

  • Write a complete business plan
  • Deliver a professional pitch to investors/lenders
  • Monitor your progress and track your growth

Xero Add-on LivePlan

How LivePlan works with Xero

Connect LivePlan with Xero to import your financials into the LivePlan Scoreboard. This integration will allow you to track how your business is doing, in real time, and compare your progress against your forecast.

Where you can use LivePlan

LivePlan works for users in over 172 countries, including the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Try out LivePlan for free

You can sign up to try out LivePlan with Xero for free. Find out how here.


Our biggest Xero Roadshow yet!

I’ve been on many road trips in my life, but never one as big as this. The Xero Roadshow for Australia covers 20 cities – from Bendigo, all the way up to Darwin. It has an audience of over 5,000 accountants and bookkeepers in attendance, so it’s no wonder the nerves have kicked in a little!

Xero roadshow audience in Australia

With more and more businesses heading to the cloud, it’s an exciting time to be getting up in front of so many people to chat about cloud technology, market updates and other exciting news from Xero.

Of course, I won’t be the only one speaking. You’ll also get to hear from Xero product, Tax and partner specialists – plus we’ll have 38 exhibitors (across the 20 events), giving you ample opportunity to explore the App ecosystem that is continually evolving. And we encourage you, as always, to ask questions, network and start a dialogue.

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A new breed of accounting firm

Lucy Danon

In my role as Associate Account Manager for Xero UK, I deal with a large number of new Xero Accounting Partners in the early stages of their move to the cloud. In recent months I’ve noticed an interesting trend – more and more of these firms are being run primarily as businesses, not traditional accounting practices.

The subtle difference in many cases is the owner I talk to (or one of the owners) is not necessarily a qualified accountant but instead a business person/entrepreneur looking to take advantage of cloud disruption.

Firms which are built as a partnership between accountants and entrepreneurs are thriving with the entrepreneur driving the business side and the accountant doing what they do best: providing expert advice to clients.

With the direction of the accounting firm no longer driven primarily by someone with a background in doing traditional accounting work (such as annual accounts and tax preparation), the focus moves to marketing and business growth.

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Heads up – a new Xero header

An eagle-eyed tweeter spotted this last week.

Tweet about the Xero header

Oh, the intrigue! Well, I’m pleased to be able to confirm we’re changing the look of the header in Xero – in fact, this will become the standard for Xero including the Practice Studio suite of MyXero, Workpapers and Practice Manager for accountants.

As well as providing a more consistent look and feel across all of Xero’s applications, this change will also make it easier for us to deliver new shared features. A good example of this is the ability to search for an organisation – see below.

The change will be rolled out next Monday and since a few things have moved around a bit, I thought I’d let you know what to expect ahead of time.

Where’s the logout link?

Access to the logout link and to your user profile can be found by clicking on your name at the top right of the screen.

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The rise of Xero’s cloud integrator channel

Lately we’ve seen a new channel start to rise in our ecosystem: cloud integrators. Cloud integrators are specialists who support small business owners as they implement Xero with some of our many Add-on Partners. The result is a perfect cloud solution to run their businesses.

One of the benefits of the cloud is you can piece together the perfect solution for your business using best-in-class or best of breed apps, instead of using one vendor offering a compromised solution trying to be everything to everyone. This means it’s important to get it right up front and if you’re not an expert on what’s available, that’s where a cloud integrator can help.

Productivity Plus

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Australian Xero Partner markets to not-for-profits

As part of our global marketing case study, Xero Partner ‘Matrix on Board’ has created an inspiring video promoting their services to non-profit organisations throughout Australia.

Using their Alice Springs-based nonprofit client BushMob as a case study, Matrix on Board told the story of how they’ve used Xero to offer a solution that was easy for anyone to use, creates beautiful financial reporting and gives the ability to access support from afar.

Bush Mob Matrix on Board (Xero Partner)

BushMob helps disadvantaged and disaffected Australian youth by taking them to the bush for adventure-based activities, helping them to heal and encouraging them to reconnect with society.

Matrix’s financial management support has helped BushMob enhance its ability to bring positive change to the lives of young people, many of whom struggle with drugs and alcohol.

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Sales Tax 101 for Canadian Businesses – Part Two

Canadian flagBy Ryan N. Lazanis, CPA, CA, Xen Accounting, Montreal

This is part two of  Ryan N. Lazanis blog on Canadian sales tax. View part one here.

Reporting taxes

As you record your sales and expenses into Xero throughout the year, you should also be recording the appropriate amount of taxes on each transaction by selecting the correct sales tax rates for each individual transaction.

When it is time to remit your taxes to the government, you will be able to retrieve the figures to report through Xero’s sales tax report. You will need to select the appropriate reporting period. If you have sales in various provinces, and if you have followed my steps above to segregate tax rates by province, then this should be rather simple to do. All the sales taxes collected and paid will be separated by province and you can fill in the reports you need to with the information available in Xero’s sales tax report. Easy peasy!

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Sales Tax 101 for Canadian Businesses

Guest blog by Ryan N. Lazanis, CPA, CA of  Xen Accounting, Montreal

Ryan N. Lazanis CPA, CA of Xen Accounting

Whether you like it or not, reporting your sales taxes accurately is critical. Make a  mistake and your precious business could pay dearly in interest and penalties. So it’s super important to make sure you’re setting up your sales taxes correctly in Xero and recording and reporting the correct figures.

Sales tax accounting is enough to give most people a headache. It’s one of the most complicated areas of accounting and it’s easy for things to get messy quickly.

However, if you follow the steps outlined below and create some systems to make sure you’re entering your data correctly into Xero, there’s no reason why you can’t have things run smoothly.

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Get ready for 1099 season in the US

If you are a US based or tax registered business, you must send out a Form 1099-MISC to each non-employee person to whom you’ve paid more than $600 for work during the year. These are usually referred to as contractors. Form 1099-MISC must be delivered to the contractor by January 31, 2014 for tax year 2013 and also sent to the IRS by the end February, if you’re sending paper, or by April 1, 2014, if you opt to e-file. Complete instructions from the IRS for 1099s are found here and here.

Here are our top tips for making 1099’s as easy as possible:
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