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Recommending the rights app for retail

Posted 4 weeks ago in Apps by Kaye Harding
Posted by Kaye Harding

Whether your retail client operates a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ store, online only, or a mix of the two, running a successful operation can be a balancing act. Not only do retailers have to manage stock, people, and cash flow, but to remain competitive in today’s environment they must keep up with changing technology and customer demands. These include anything from mobile payment options to same-day shipping, or free in-store pickup.

Thankfully, the rise of apps and cloud technology is equipping retailers with the tools to meet these new demands. It’s never been easier for retailers to set up shop, take control of scheduling, manage inventory and understand their customers. And the benefits of using the right apps can be seen directly at the bottom line. Our research shows that SMBs who use cloud apps grow revenue 30% faster.

While a lot of retailers understand apps can help their business, many don’t know which to choose or have the time to find out. That’s where you can help. App advisory involves understanding the challenges or opportunities your clients are facing, and advising them on the right apps to connect with Xero. And we’ve just released a great resource to help you get started.

Our new retail and ecommerce app playbook will help you select the right apps for your clients, to help both of you get on the road to success with app advisory.  It takes you through the process, including understanding your client’s business needs and goals, and with help from app comparison matrices and cheat sheets, shows you how to recommend the right apps.

Why app advisory for retail?

As well as helping your client’s business, app advisory is good for your practice too. Offering app advisory services can help future-proof your practice, by strengthening your value proposition as an advisor, so you can retain and grow your client base.  And it’s good for revenue too. According to our research, practices who provide app advice grow revenue 60% faster and experience an increase in revenue of 40%.

So how do you get started? If you haven’t already read our app advisory playbook, read this first, it will give you the app advisory fundamentals required before you dive into the retail and ecommerce app playbook.

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