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The business you want starts with being mobile

Posted 3 weeks ago in Xero news by Nicole Dunn
Posted by Nicole Dunn

Modern business owners are people just like you and me: they spend a lot of time interacting with the world, and their businesses, on their mobile devices. They expect their business applications to be connected and easy to use. They also expect their advisors to be confident and comfortable with the apps that matter to them most.

I talked with Dawn Hatch of Matax and Will Lopez of Advisor FI, who are facilitating “Xero + Apple: The Mobile Advisor” session at Precon in Atlanta, about how embracing mobility drives outcomes for small businesses and practices alike. Whether you’re attending Xerocon or wishing you were there, the key takeaways from this session provide valuable insights you can apply to your business today.

Mobility establishes a foundation.

Using mobile solutions internally and with your clients empowers you to lead with trusted and familiar tools. Will added, “True mobility for the modern accountant is at the root of building a successful modern accounting firm. And if you start off with a strong foundation, like mobility, then everything else is downhill.”

Mobility drives efficiency and quality communications.

Mobile solutions eliminate redundant processes. They put high quality actionable information literally at people’s fingertips, opening new possibilities for your practice and your clients. All of the information you need for a meaningful client interaction is right on their phone or tablet, allowing you to focus on the value you add instead of the reports you print.

Mobility = Freedom.

What would you do differently, if you could work wherever and whenever you wanted? Dawn talked about this powerful concept, sharing that Matax “…created a 100% mobile Xero Advisory company, never in the same place one week to the next, serving clients as if we are right there with them, every day. When you can prove that it works, client buy-in is a breeze.”

Register for the Mobile Advisor session at Pre-Con now to learn first-hand how you can unleash the power of mobility to change your clients’ lives and yours. We’ll see you in Atlanta!

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