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It’s your time: make the most of Roadshow Australia

Posted 4 months ago in Advisors by Tiana Barns
Posted by Tiana Barns

After heading to 20 locations, meeting hundreds of partners, and handing out thousands of jelly beans, the Australian roadshow has come to an end for 2018.

Our team of experts hit the road for three weeks, armed with the latest and greatest info about digital efficiencies. Together they covered:

Now’s the time to bring these learnings back into your firm. The latest tools can reshape the way you work and help you find new ways to use your time to its fullest. Here are some key takeaways you can action right now.

Utilise Xero HQ Ask

Cut down on numerous requests for client information with Ask. The feature of Xero HQ uses a query portal where your clients answer your questions and attach documents you’ve requested. By simplifying the information gathering process, Xero HQ Ask puts the power in your hands, making compliance more efficient. Discover more about HQ Ask.

Try Xero Tax

If you’re not one of the more than 3,000 practices already lodging via Xero Tax, take the time to consider Xero as your future tax platform. While you’re at it, set up two-step authentication so you comply with the ATO operational framework that’s coming in March 2018. Two-step authentication adds an additional layer of security to ensure your data and your clients’ data is safe and secure. You can also go paperless with Adobe Sign and Dropbox. E-sign is the simple, legal way your clients can electronically sign documents you send them from within Xero Tax, keeping all your tax-related documents in a secure, centralised online place. Try Xero Tax now.

Start using Xero Projects and Xero Expenses

At the roadshow, we unveiled how, with Xero Projects and Xero Expenses, your business can manage activities in the field and then bill expenses against the project. Xero Projects is the simple way to track the time and money you spend on each job, giving you visibility of your project financials from anywhere. Xero Expenses allows you to snap photos of receipts and automatically create the expense claim in Xero – without ever touching a scrap of paper. It can then provide reports and analytics to help you better understand spending patterns. These tools will great for your clients who do project-based work or those who need to reimburse expenses (eg, they have sales reps on the road). You can try them out in your practice first – they’re included in your free Xero subscription. Xero Projects is here now, and Xero Expenses is on it’s way.

What are you waiting for?

This is your time and it matters, so consider what steps can help you make your firm the most digitally efficient. For all the roadshow resources, head to the roadshow highlights page where you can read articles, watch product demos, or attend a live webinar. And if you want to relive the roadshow check out the special edition of Xero Now.

Not yet a Xero partner? The Xero partner program rewards you with a range of benefits that you can tailor to your own practice goals. Join the program today.

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