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July partner news: here’s what you’re talking about

Posted 8 months ago in Advisors by Tiana Barns
Posted by Tiana Barns

Want to know what’s happening in the industry directly from your peers? Find out in our monthly roundup of tips and tricks articles from our Xero partners.

This month, we heard from our partners:

Michael Mahabeer, Prosperity Advisers Group

With the new financial year underway, now is the perfect time to ask, Have you got a risk management strategy? Michael Mahabeer explains why effective risk management is the best way to manage any problems as you move forward into FY18.

Frank Zinghini, The Field Group

The Xero vs. MYOB – Which Accounting Software Is Best For Your Small Business?  comparison was completed by the team’s qualified accountants who have extensive experience with both MYOB and Xero. They compare each company on cost, access, payroll and a number of other factors. Read the article to find out who came out on top!

Troy Schoenfisch, Troy’s Bookkeeping

Troy shares his story of helping not for profit group, Liworaji Aboriginal Organisation. The group runs a range of programs to assist all members of the Aboriginal community in their area. Recently NAIDOC honoured Faye Carr, one of the leaders of the Liworaji Aboriginal Organisation with the Female Elder of the Year award for 2017.

Carbon Bookkeeping

The firm ponders the question, Why do some businesses stop growing? Many businesses have the goal to grow, so when that slows down there may be different factors that need to considered next. Carbon Bookkeeping highlights three reasons this might happen.

Smart Business Solutions

“Cash is king” as they always say, so the team at Smart Business Solutions has tackled the question of how to plan for a healthy cash flow. They discuss how reviewing and forecasting can help keep a business out of trouble and improve chances of keeping afloat.

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