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How Good&Co found the right fit with Xero + Expensify

Posted 8 months ago in Small business by Ludmila Buqeileh

San Francisco based tech company Good&Co is using big data to quantify workplace culture and match employees to their ideal workplace. But don’t assume they’re only about the numbers – Good&Co’s mission focuses on people first. “Our philosophy is that there are no bad employees, there are no bad companies, or employers, there is just bad fit,” says chief of staff Sebastian Freud.

But when that fit is right, it’s not only a win for the employee but leads to higher productivity for the company too. So, as Good&Co started looking for that same kind of fit with their accounting software, they found Xero.

“We realized we needed a system that would give us full transparency and would be easy to use. That’s when we started using Xero. It was the perfect tool to understand what our financials look like at the moment,” says Sebastian. “For us, the main advantage of using Xero is that we’re able to run on a very lean overhead. We really rely on systems that are easy to use like that.”

Using software to boost efficiency

When Good&Co later added Expensify to manage the company’s expenses, its integration with Xero enabled them to gain even more efficiencies. They closed their year-end books within the first day of the year.

“Using Xero in combination with Expensify makes it incredibly easy to close your books very fast and in a very reliable fashion. And even though you have a ton of expense reports coming in, you’re able to have full transparency and full corporate governance,” says Sebastian.

And for a company that’s rooted in creating better workplace culture, Good&Co definitely has it figured out inside their business too. “What makes Good&Co so special is the level of responsibility that we give our employees from day one. We allow them to grow and have fun with their co-workers.” says Sebastian. “We don’t take ourselves that seriously, we take our work seriously.”

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