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Take a 360 Approach to Wellness and Running your Business with UFIT

Posted 12 months ago in Small business by Simren Priestley

We’re always fascinated by what the human body can achieve, and the limits we can push ourselves to. Around the world, audiences were amazed as Usain Bolt broke three world records, and awed when Serena Williams revealed she smashed this year’s Australian Open while pregnant.

But we sometimes forget the toll that this can take on our bodies. Dean Ahmad’s UFIT gyms and clinics in Singapore promote both health and wellness. The business encourages members to push themselves, but also look after their bodies for the long term.

The UFIT Clinics are a one-stop-shop for clinical rehab. The team are all active athletes and many have been competitive sports players. They understand the injuries you can sustain on the field, track or in the ring and the devastating effect these can cause an athlete physically and mentally. The team aim to get clients not back to just basic movement, but back to the sport they love.

“UFIT blends sports and clinical physiotherapy. We want to help people back to competitive sports, and this requires precise programming and a lot of specialist skills,” says Dean.

On your marks; get set; go!

Dean Ahmad, Darren Blakeley and James Forrester launched UFIT’s first bootcamp 7 years ago. This soon turned into a chain of personal training gyms, more bootcamps and a CrossFit box. “But we wanted to offer a 360 degree approach to exercise,” says Dean, “and so we needed to develop a physiotherapy offering.”

Dean’s business partner James reached out to Declan Halpin. “Declan is one of the most talented physios in Singapore and Southeast Asia,” says Dean.

Before establishing UFIT’s first clinic, Declan was already a sought after physio. Competitive sports players, athletes and gym bunnies all over Singapore were calling on his services. Declan brought the UFIT Clinic his network, skills and team. Most importantly though, he shared the Founders’ holistic approach to health & wellness.

“UFIT has always been the best in the business at getting people fitter and stronger,” says Declan. “When James reached out to me, I knew we shared the same approach to fitness. I saw a great opportunity to work together to support Singapore’s community achieve their health and fitness goals.”

“Wellness is much more than stretching! We’ve created a space where we can meet all our clients’ needs: physically, mentally and nutritionally. And we don’t just offer physiotherapy, osteopathy and massage. The UFIT clinic employs mediation coaches, a psychologist and nutritionists to take a comprehensive approach to wellness.”

Raising the Bar

Dean has his hands full managing operations for UFIT’s gyms, bootcamps and clinics.

“Xero is a big help managing our accounts and tracking our activity. We have seven locations so keeping our information in the cloud means I can work from any of our branches or off-site, and still see everything in real time,” says Dean.

“I don’t have a finance background. Xero has made it so much easier for me to manage and understand our balance sheet and financials. And if there are issues the help is amazing,” he adds.

Dean also takes a 360 approach to running the business. He is careful to balance time spent on operations with doing what he loves: working with clients. “Time is everything,” he says. “New businesses owners often struggle with managing their operations and also still doing what they love. With Xero, I still get to spend around 50 hours a month working with my clients.”

For Dean, this is what makes all the hard work of running his own business worth it. “Training is my passion, and is what keeps me driven,” he says, “if you do something you love, it doesn’t feel like work.”

The new one-north UFIT Clinic launched last week – check them out to get in shape and stay in shape!

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