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Xero Tax | Crunch time? Make tax time work around you this EOFY

Posted 1 year ago in Advisors by Matthew Prouse
Posted by Matthew Prouse

Checklists, scheduling, prioritising and shouting the team to lunch … any bookkeeper or accountant worth their salt will approach the end of financial year crunch with some trusty survival tactics up their sleeve.

But the strongest advantage any practice can wield is to save time on the task of tax itself. Because when the hours add up, those simple savings can drastically improve your bottom line and the health of your team.”

It all starts with one client visit…

For Mark Lawry, CPA and director and co-owner of Suntax, the immediate impact is clear.

“A client visit that once took several hours and reams of paper takes just 30 minutes and is paperless with Xero Tax software.”

From the electronic signature – which accountant Angie Jarvis of CATS says is “hands-down amazing” – to the import function – “absolutely no room for errors in transposing” – the technology behind Xero Tax works for you.

But the true impact sets in as you extrapolate further

It’s when you multiply this significant saving over a high volume of clients (hello, end of financial year) that things really get interesting, and the productivity gains of cloud-based accounting start to change the way practices approach the typically time-intensive period .

For Timothy Munro of Change Accountants, it’s altered the very way his firm operates.

“Xero Tax has allowed us to move our entire firm into the cloud. This means we can log in any time. Our team members actually find that they prefer to work from home, to quickly finish off projects and keep things moving,” he said.

“We’ve done the numbers, and we’re finding that 10 percent of the work done by our team is now being done from home in their own hours. We don’t require this from them, but Xero enables it.”

What’s more, it’s good for customers. “Clients just love Xero Tax. They can look at the paperwork online, sign it online and send it back.

“Clients love things made simpler and easier for them. That’s what Xero Tax gives to our clients. Our clients love us for always trying better ways of doing things for them.”

Turn on Xero Tax

With tax time approaching and over 3000 practices going paperless and using Xero Tax every day, we have launched a free weekly “Intro to Xero Tax” webinar on Xero U for all partners. We have recently updated our dedicated landing page and relaunched Xero Tax in Action. This is our 15-part live training series for Xero partners planning to use Xero Tax for 2016-2017 income tax returns. You can register for Xero Tax in Action today.

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