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May partner news: here’s what you’re talking about

Posted 12 months ago in Advisors by Erin Smith
Posted by Erin Smith

Want to know what’s happening in the industry directly from your peers? Find out in our monthly roundup of tips and tricks articles from our Xero partners.

This month, we heard from the following Xero Partners:

Amanda Hoffmann, My Office Books

Amanda Hoffman’s blog discusses How to schedule yourself to do your own bookkeeping regularly. She explains the importance of keeping up to date invoices and also provides tips on how to make bookkeeping a regular habit.

Tanya Titman, Acceler8

Tanya’s blog top three tips for starting the new financial year on the right foot gives concise and practical advice to give you a brighter future. Primarily she recommends having a budget for your business. Next she recommends you review and analyse all financial statements. Finally Tanya suggests forecasting 12 weeks in advance to ensure good cashflow management. 

Rebecca Bigg, Meticulously Managed Bookkeeping Services

Rebecca explains the nitty gritty of KPI’s. She explains that Key Performance Indicators are simply an assortment of tools that are used to understand a business. Additionally KPI’s can help pinpoint inefficiencies in a business.

Karla Hourigan, Infinesse.

Karla provides her top 3 tips for small businesses to position themselves well for 2018. Her top tips essentially boil down to getting the right tools, doing what you do best and lastly, staying ahead of the game.

Nick Urry, MMT Accountants and Advisers.

Nick Urry explains in his article the fine balancing act of theAustralian Federal Budget. He also provides an in-depth explanation of the Australian Federal Budget.

Marc Walsh, Atlus Financial.

Marc discusses the pros and cons of businesses structures. Best of all, he gives tips on how new business owners can find the perfect fit!

Megan Faraday-Bensley, Prosperity Advisers Group.

Megan provides 5 top tips to ensure your FY 2018 is all you could want it to be. She advises to tackle each tip per week. By the end of the 5 weeks you’ll be on track with confidence!

Heather Smith, Author of Xero for Dummies.

Heather’s article discusses the legendary and mesmerising Australian business woman Ita Buttrose. She also discusses the social enterprise Five.Good.Friends, which is a business enterprise that connects you with the people who provide in home care for your loved ones. They are reinventing home care!

Andrea Kellett of Mornington Peninsula Magazine interviews Kirsten Norman, BizWhiz Business Solutions

Andrea interviews Kirsten Norman who is at the forefront of the changing bookkeeping profession. Kirsten’s BizWhiz provides a business support hub that helps her clients throughout the entire process.

Gabrielle Osborne, Premium Business Group.

Gabrielle provides four unique tips to help set up for a successful financial year. These include; how to habit hack, a technology tune up and purging pain points. Finally she encourages engaging the services of a trusted advisor.

Charles Klvana, Eye on Books.

Charles takes us on his journey towards achieving platinum partner status. Firstly he explains the beginning and how a scotch-fuelled white lie came good. Then he talks about the importance of making inroads and learning lessons. Stay tuned for more instalments!

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