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Favourite ecosystem moments from our app partners

Posted 11 months ago in Advisors by Nick Houldsworth

Over the last decade, cloud technology has reshaped the world. During that time Xero has become a leading global platform for small businesses, advisors and app developers to connect. This month we’re celebrating 10 years of Xero, as June 2007 marked us listing on the NZ stock exchange.

In 2011, we launched our ecosystem with five integration partners. Since, we’ve invested heavily in maintaining an open platform. This gives our customers access to tools to run their entire business operations, that connect and share data with Xero. Today our vibrant small business ecosystem connects over one million Xero subscribers and 100,000+ business advisors to more than 500 app partners.

We want to take this opportunity to thank every single one of our 500 strong community of app partners, who have grown alongside us. As Xero celebrates turning 10, it’s a great opportunity for us to share some of our ecosystem partners’ favourite Xero memories.

Spotlight Reporting

“Back in 2011 we launched Spotlight Reporting on stage at Xerocon 2. Much to my horror, Rod Drury whispered “do it live!” in my ear just as I was about to go on stage, but thankfully this first public demo of what Rod had called “reporting on steroids” went really well.  20 or so Xerocons later we’re still involved at almost every Xero event. When we were named as App Partner of the Year for both 2015 and 2016, it was the icing on the cake of a magical partnership,” Richard Francis, CEO of Spotlight Reporting.

Pictured Above: Spotlight Reporting accepting their App Partner of the year Award in 2016.


“Vend has always been a close friend of Xero. We not only share a bunch of customers but over the years we have even shared offices, and team. My favourite memories are at the Xerocons, right back to Vend’s first attendance in 2011 where the whole conference fit into a small hall, Rod did bombs in the pool and we had too much fun with a photobooth. Since then Vend has never missed a Xerocon, ” Vend, Vaughan Rowsell, Founder at Vend.

vend-app-partners-ecosystemXero Partner Conference 2011

Receipt Bank

“It may be obvious that the Xero community is global but it’s really, really global!  And it really took us by surprise. In 2011 we built the Receipt Bank integration with Xero in order to build a solution for UK accountants. As soon as did so we were hit with a whole lot of late nights as accountants from NZ, Australia, South Africa, Canada, etc. called…..suddenly we were working with great businesses in more than 50 countries! So, I would warn everyone – avoid Xero like the plague. Unless you want to build a really successful global business that is!” Michael Wood, Co-founder, Receipt Bank.


“I can honestly say the highlight for Deputy is the journey with Xero, the other app providers, the partners and  everything in-between. The relationships built, the support network and the future we envision together for small businesses. However, I cannot ignore calling out the 2015 Xerocon wrap party in Denver – outside, food trucks, scented oxygen, live band & a thunderstorm, a recipe for a memorable event!” Kristin Harris, GM Strategic Partnerships, Deputy.


“Expensify and Xero have been partners for years, making it hard for us to choose just one great memory! One of our favorites was during our inaugural ExpensiCon, held in Maui. Rod joined our CEO David on stage in front of our 100 VIPs for an epic fireside chat. There, the duo unveiled our long-awaited Global Strategic Partnership — with the beaches of Maui as a backdrop, no less! The excitement continued when we announced that Xero had won Partner of the Year during our ExpensiCon awards ceremony,” Robert Ladue, Business Development and Partnerships at Expensify.

expensive-app-partners-ecosystemRod Drury and David Barrett, CEO of Expensify


“We’re very appreciative of the support Xero has shown us in helping to deliver the first cloud accounting solution for farmers. A great highlight for us in the journey so far was Xerocon 2015 in Auckland. It signaled the launch of Figured 2.0 and kicked off the momentum for what has been a really big couple of years for Figured. That year were were named Emerging Add-On Partner of the Year,”Dave Dodds, Figured CEO.


“Accountants are one of the most trusted group of advisors for small businesses. By meeting them face to face as a sponsor of Xerocon, we were able to hear firsthand how to promote success for their clients and their own businesses. Without the dedicated and enthusiastic group of Xero users and ambassadors, we wouldn’t be able to have this great connection with the accountant community,” Victoria Treyger, Chief Revenue Officer.

To view all of the app partners in the Xero Ecosystem head over to our app marketplace.

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