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The Rod and Gary Show: To F8 and back again

Posted 1 year ago in Tech by Ludmila Buqeileh

Rod Drury and Gary Turner are back with another episode of The Rod & Gary Show. This month they’re jumping right in with takeaways from Mark Zuckerberg’s recent keynote at Facebook’s F8 conference. And they’re putting a big spotlight on your smartphone’s camera.

Have we gotten to the point where the camera is “A portal between individuals and the reality they want to create?”  Rod and Gary chime in, and discuss how Facebook and Snapchat fit into the picture.

But with our smartphone’s photo capabilities evolving so quickly, is it a precursor to something bigger? Will advertisers start tapping into our photos to create targeted ads? Plus, Rod and Gary share the different ways brands can use the camera to their advantage now and how it’s already an essential piece of accounting technology.

Rod and Gary then continue to tackle the latest Uber scandal – including what they need to do to clear their name. And the two end the episode with an insightful back on forth on the recent FinTech boom in London, what it means for other regions, and the undeniable move towards digital. From the mandated digitization of tax in the UK, to digital invoices becoming the standard in Australia, can small businesses and accountants handle this massive shift? Rod and Gary share what they think, and they aren’t holding back!

“There’s an interesting opportunity for the job of bookkeeping to become more digital and drive efficiency into bookkeeping. It’s also an opportunity to remodel and rethink how you run a business,” says Gary.

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